REDFESTIVAL Pre-Party With Us!

Hola Bitcholas, Redfestival is in 10 days and, to be frank, we're starting to get kinda amped up. Happens this way every year and this year is no different. You have to understand that Redfestival is our celebration of all things Mens Room; the show itself, the beer, all of you, everyone that...
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LISTEN- Biggest Concert Let Down

The number one thing that can ruin a concert experience, is when your favorite band doesn't play your favorite song.
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LISTEN- Rob Halford Thanks Portland And Talks Addiction

Rob Halford takes time to thank Portland, and talks about his new addiction.
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LISTEN- How Much Do You Know About Journey/Def Leppard

Win Tickets. How much do you know about Journey and Def Leppard?
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LISTEN- Aerosmith Residency

Aerosmith is coming to Las Vegas for a residency.
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Crowley's Cut of the Day - Jimi Hendrix

The Jimi Hendrix: "Fire" Album: Are You Experienced? Year: 1967 Writer: Jimi Hendrix Background: The late Jimi Hendrix Experience bassist Noel Redding, in a '90s interview, said that there were a couple of reasons that "Fire" was a personal favorite.
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Daltrey needs time off!

Roger Daltrey just finished some solo dates, says he needs to take time off. But he still hopes Townshend gets tired of sitting home "making tea" so they can resume work as The Who. Townshend recently said he was "preparing to take a one year ‘sabbatical’ from all the things I normally do in my...
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Crowley's Cut of the Day

Alice Cooper: "School's Out" Album: School's Out Year: 1972 Background: "School's Out" was the highest charting single by the original Alice Cooper band. Alice says that the highly connective subject matter really helped it succeed.
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Robert Plant plays an outdoor live concert as ROBERT PLANT AND THE SENSATIONAL SPACE SHIFTERS

Robert Plant Still Not Big On Zeppelin Reunion

Robert Plant continues to nix thoughts of any reunion with the remaining members of Led Zeppelin. Moreover, he's perfectly happy where he is in life. In an interview with the New York Times , Plant talked about the current state of his former band, while also discussing his new solo album, Carry...
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TSO Interview

LISTEN Al Pitrelli of TSO

Al Pitrelli talks about the loss of Trans-Siberian Orchestra founder Paul O'Neill.
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