Mick Jagger

Mick Jagger ready to return to an America 'free of harsh words and name calling' after election

Mick Jagger expressed hope in returning to a United States “free of harsh words” after Joseph R. Biden Jr. won the 2020 Presidential Election, last week.
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Happy Birthday, Mick Jagger! 6 Times the Rolling Stones Frontman Was Just Like Us

Behind the international rock icon, there’s a guy who likes to watch a game with the fellas and has to wait around at airports just like the rest of us.
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Quarantine Like Jagger: What The Rolling Stones Frontman Is Doing at Home

Mick Jagger appeared in a segment on ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ and took part in a fake BBC Public Service Announcement called “Global News.” Jagger show there’s plenty you can accomplish while in quarantine.
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Mick Jagger, Japan

CDJ Today: March 23 in Classic Rock

March 23, 1969 – 30,000 people attend the “Rally For Decency” in Miami at the Orange Bowl after Jim Morrison was charged with indecent exposure in the city. Countering the counter-culture, announcements publicizing the rally warn that “longhairs and weird dressers” won’t be let inside. Celebrities...
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Mick Jagger, Rolling Stones

Watch: Mick Jagger Takes on Major Acting Role in ‘The Burnt Orange Heresy’

Mick Jagger has taken on his first major acting role in nearly two decades. Watch the Rolling Stones frontman in the role of a wealthy art dealer in the first trailer for The Burnt Orange Heresy, below. “An ambitious art critic steals a rare painting and becomes consumed by his own greed as the...
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Watch the Rolling Stones Perform “Jumpin Jack Flash” from their ‘Bridges to Buenos Aires’ Concert Film

On November 8th the inimitable Rolling Stones dropped their previously unreleased live album and concert film Bridges to Buenos Aires, which captures the band’s full April 5, 1998 show at the River Plate Stadium in Buenos Aires, Argentina – the last of a five-night, sold-out run at the venue. The...
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6 Mick Jagger Dorky Dad Moments

Papa is a rolling stone. But just because he’s a rock god doesn’t mean Mick Jagger is any less dorky than the next dad. With eight kids, The Rolling Stones frontman is just like all parents, posting embarrassing comments on social media and using weird gadgets in public. Everyone knows Mick the...
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Mick Jagger Thought He'd Be Retired at Age 60

If Mick Jagger was good at foresight, he'd be out of the music business by now. Thankfully, he's still fronting one of rock and roll's greatest bands. UK paper The Sun interviewed Laurence Myers , a former accountant for The Rolling Stones , who gave an interesting look at the money behind the band...
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Mick Jagger Once Said Still Being a Musician at 60 Was ‘Ridiculous’

Mick Jagger may be more like us than we thought. The freshly-turned 76-year-old Rolling Stones frontman started putting money in his retirement pension plan when he was in his 20s. The insight comes from Jagger’s then-accountant Laurence Myers, The Guardian reports. According to Myers, the young...
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6 Times Mick Jagger Was Just Like Us

It feels like Mick Jagger is no normal man. The Rolling Stones frontman is a rock and roll legend who has constantly turned heads throughout his nearly six decade career. Even the granting of his knighthood wasn’t without controversy, with the Queen, who he once called “Chief Witch,” skipping out...
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