WATCH - Haunted or Hoax?

Seems like a publicity stunt to me...and I'd be amazed if it doesn't turn out to be just that...but, there's a restaurant in California that's making the news because it *might* be haunted. There are two security videos showing chairs moving on their own; a barstool that fell over in the middle of...
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Things to do in Portland!

It's going to be wet this weekend, so find some indoor things to do. Then when the sun comes out next week, head to the corn mazes and pumpkin patches! ~Iris Now – Oct 31: The Clark County Scaregrounds has three haunted houses, a carnival with rides, and midway games at Clark County Event Center in...
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Dark school corridor

WATCH: Footage of Haunted School Will Give You Chills

Based on footage captured by the building’s security system, it looks like there may be a ghost enrolled at Deerpark CBS, a school in Cork, Ireland.
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