This University Is Offering a PhD in Heavy Metal Music

Heavy Metal is a complex genre filled with so many niches and subcategories, it feels like you need a degree to fully understand it. Now, this Australian university is filling the gap we didn’t even know actually existed. The University of Newcastle in Australia is encouraging students to...
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Can You Sell Your Child's Future

College investor? Yes you can leverage your child's future for a small piece of the pie.
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This $25,000 College Tour Takes You From Campus to Campus in a Private Jet

If you were looking for a way to make college even more impossible to afford, we’ve got you covered.
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LISTEN- YMTC Asher Didn't Get What He Expected

Asher needed advice about his scholastic future. He didn't get the support he thought he was going to get.
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Saturdays in the Fall Rock!

Well, it's that time of year again! When college football is back and Saturdays are the best. Now, I know a most of you are huge NFL fans. My love for college football starts with the fact that the games are on Saturdays. I like to enjoy an adult beverage so to me it makes more sense to party on...
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Today's College Freshman Have Only Lived In A World With Emojis & More Facts

Kids heading to college this year have only known phones as smart phones, but they’ll never know Justin Timberlake as a member of a band. Here's the complete "Mindset List" for the incoming class of college freshmen.
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