Pot Meet Kettle

Hola Bitcholas, This is a question that all of us are often asked; '"So what do you do ​before the show...exactly." First of all, adding 'exactly' to the end is just sh*tty. I mean, seriously, why? Why... exactly? See what I'm saying? Sounds snarky. Anyway, here's a small slice of what happens...
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Boat Meat Wishes and Charitable Dreams

Hola Bitcholas, Happy International Boat Meat Day ! Yes, that is what today is. Does anyone other than us know about it? Highly unlikely, but today is that day. On that note, we're having the Mens Room Black Party tonight. Let me be clear, Mens Room Black is the beer, not me! So we're having a...
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International Boat Meat Day, Bitches!

Hola Bitcholas, Can you feel it in the air? Is it palpable? That sense of excitement that's crackling through the ether is a direct result of today being International Boat Meat Day! Why no, I'm NOT kidding. What is International Boat Meat Day? Frankly, I'm offended that you asked, but IBM Day is a...
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