Terry Boyd’s World

M-F 5:30a-9a

Once you listen, you’ll know why we say “It’s Terry Boyd’s World—we all just live in it!”

A local favorite, Terry Boyd has been part of Portland radio for years. He’s got his own view of things—and because his filter spontaneously combusted years ago, waking up with him has always been, to say the least, entertaining.

Joining him as co-host, producer, and voice of reason is another Rose City radio vet, Matt Wilcox. Think of him as the Robin to Terry’s Batman…or maybe more like the Garth to Terry’s Wayne.

Terry Boyd’s World wraps up each morning by kicking off a 92-Minute Music Sweep at 8:50, providing KGON’s listeners with a non-stop shot of rock to start the workday. Enjoy!