You Make the call- Let's not buy each other gifts.

Tuesday, December 5th


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Portland's classic rock that 83 kgo and good morning it's their report rural Ontario I'm Matt when we started a new segment. Designed to help you with the come complex decisions of every day life it's called you might call. It's a listener David may not be as real name got him on the phone with us right now I sent in email. And yet an interesting dilemma that you want our listeners to make the call. Tell us what happened. So I was out of my wife and we're at the mall and see. Says let's not buy presents where each other for Christmas this year and red flag immediately up. As you should. Or maybe you shouldn't. This is a perfect scenario for you might call. 503733. Kgo when that's 5037335466. Yet this is no brainer in my mind but I wanna bounce that a someone else who may be a little more open minded I seeding your eyes mad that I I'm pretty confident and know where your gong with this and I know I'm confident with but hour wait and see what listeners had to say. He cured chance do you might call. You real or don't you buy that present when your way says let's not get gifts. You are wiped out her. On that. RJ. Yeah. Are. There. Oh yeah. And I'm out there and you don't. Oh. There. Is an area. Are you gonna are you gonna give it to her for sure you get a hold it back just in case you see disappointment Mingo a way to maybe you're got to sum that up. Not. Or. I can't buy a more. Accurate. I thought our white out sellout at forty. Packed up. Get the pop or get better at my whole life. I believe you are making the right move my friend and thank you for Chiming in on you make the call have a great day. You know why I can add that and it doesn't mean that that that's the right call. Is I think you picked up on something that I lived. The slow play. The slow play somehow that. You have I hear all that back in your pocket for a second and it's like knowledge Tennessee. Cash described now ha ha ha you might call. Listener David called instant pay his wife at the mall this weekend said you know let's not give each other gifts. Them dangerous territory. You make the call. Well a different take on the situation because I got a double whammy on your question why does not so when we hooked up. I told all about Chanukah. And how we get presents for. That I'm in it's just so. Oh I don't acted. I get to be pretty extra WMI dips. And you are sure that all about getting your just everyday straight days but didn't dawn on her back Jenna give me just everyday straight days. And then we had to do Christmas the boats. So over the you know now we've kind of curtailed you know person like that whatever ordered. Now it's facing up to ten dollar rose. So this year is like that we really wanna give each other jokes like that some of sand and I'm telling you don't. It's not about giving gifts or not it's about respecting their wishes the fuel. By Egyptian and she doesn't want you to what she doesn't have once you just industrial light. Crab that you don't respect to our questions and have a bigger issue Weiner and and it's nice to give just like it just didn't need 64 days here at all and dumb I don't wanna put any pressure on heard two. Dealership liberal Mario level of or just giving. While working on a new play this year homer guy and you play cues we're doing the mutual gift my wife the night which night. I kind of slid this in we're gonna go on vacation somewhere or Colin that. Our Christmas gift to each other Smart. We've done is done our grandchildren also so they did stress that. The mutual dip is a great idea that because then you can try to claimed 60% maybe six is forty you know one guy. Wait and think man. Hey thank you very much for the call thank you for listening. It's called you make the call what do you do when your wife tells you I don't wanna present this year don't reward have you walked that talk. Yet by that and is yet to be the duck out till valentines day so what she missed the call you get even Alicea. Plus pay if you if you're the dog out to Valentine's Day that's one less president have to bomb Iraq and I. Exactly it down they make it not permit stick it you know what an app or Nokia. Alan you've been married oh about seniors and how long you've been divorced after a talk which ties. How. I that is up or go I hear you that that's exactly what that's the only way that you can write that wrong my friend thanks for listen in thanks for the call. You are. In danger stock. Just saying that I've done it made the mistake will never make some you get to know your lights too to be able to make that decision. I like I. I'm always asking how long you've given very because if you've only been married for years to you can not do that you can now not make that mistake but if you've been very long enough and he says. Have that conversation in your your honest with each other than he could probably get away with an order that changes the dynamic to cannot married. Because everything's disposable at that point.