You have bugs in your christmas tree

Monday, December 4th


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Really I don't know about you bed as a clicks through and gets closer and closer to the to Christmas. The excitement level ramps up for a couple of reasons. Yeah market sucked into everything has last week I was really feeling good a big green gee I really was I don't like that idea I don't know why I was feeling that way. What kind of clicks that over the top he start finding that perfect gift for people. It starts to suck you in right lawnmower. Yeah by the way a lot of talk about your lawnmower from people over the weekend though yeah a lot to lie to talk to the plumber that you're getting your wife. For Christmas that you want certain that most people say is a giant mistake can. My host only a handful of been on your side by governor of the Lon mark. Then as they starting getting sucked in to. The holes the whole spin rate because there's a spin. There it has its own energy goal holiday deal. As I drive around a Mike. I'm gonna grab Christmas tree. Well you see them left and right I mean you can't go anywhere without seen a car with them a Christmas tree and I was eager eager to pull over I saw some girls in the OC that were selling trees driving a further softball team or something like. Two great reasons why did stop over again and get across the street from these cats and call my wife of Mike how big out how to up. Let's hold off on for a moment. I'm lying OK why I thought were your agree we're gonna get a Christmas tree. Do you just go pick up the Christmas usually get like an event now like get everyone together in not picking out I'm. No real value bringing home the event is decorated unit you know you know planning my get this. Not my house you make a lot of extra work for yourself then it is this is to onus is failing memory isn't time with the family I directly rhetoric about arguing over the tree I do is grab a tree right bring it home and get it ready to roll. Mile my wife puts the kibosh on Ennis who with prompt the flying over the gonna stand Nichols who have we read a friend Margaret stand. Make it a gigantic tree. Skip regular tree. Yeah I am. I don't I don't know I go what's problem. I just saw this news story. That the average Christmas tree is 25000. Bugs on. 25000. Bugs and average Christmas tree. I'm like where did you see that as my wife watches a lot of these weird crime drama shows and it is that a big big mix that no story like grinder like like some presidential flip over the news only get a partial peace or you know a way to appease the story. Is like 25000 bugs is a lot of bugs ago. When most doctors said. I doubt they're gonna jump off the treating get in our house that's an awful lot of bugs and must be talking about bugs and things that are hibernating and sleeping inside the tree. They're only going to be staying for a little while you have one investigated a little more. Well what about all the that the past years because this is something that's been going on for many many years you all yet she started that then it was one of those things where it's like. How many of those bugs from the last trees do you think still might be in our house right now I like none. They didn't jump off the tree so to some promise you they didn't get off the tree she never once a giver of life Chris Mr. Bush sees she wants to investigative a little more because I I brought up like I even try and even lead to us and who cares as long as a little elf bugs make all kinds of cool toys. That'll show up underneath the tree to another common ones. Sure that are in the tree yeah. Eight fifths spiders. Myers spiders the American ape did you prominent notice them mites. And Dirk Beatles. Haven't seen any of those within there. When you go to bed and now and the like the spiders took on your mouth when your sleeping right that'll be that's how they get your health as. It's not an actor Kevin Gallagher is history they it's it's conspiracy where they figure it all out these were vulnerable when you get a Christmas tree do you take it straight in the house. Like fertility you know from the lot put it on your Carter are you would trucker would ever take home. Straight house note shaken out the garage limits it up there for a couple of days drag out. Make sure all the kids the bugs the spiders and everything else. But a little bowl of candy. In treats nexus side is that they'll they'll go out to that I mean who's who can who can avoid a Christmas candy and chuck great man once they know there. They're trapped at those interest in during the Korean side but. Just piece of information for you if you haven't gotten your Christmas tree you may run into this the 25000. Different kinds of bugs that could be in your Christmas tree this holiday season.