YMTC - Wifes drinking

Monday, July 9th

When to intervene.

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You might call. Crude has situations where they want a second opinion and everyone has an opinion there ready to offer our. Having him here on I think your wallet yell you the best thing to do is now offering up for. It's time to bring them together. It's another dish you know you hate to call. You make calls fronted by liberty joining currency the place to buy and sell your gold silver jewelry coins and diamonds. This comes just a friend of the show Adam. Says my wife and I partied pretty hard on the fourth and my wife. Couldn't make it to work the next day. It's not the first time that this has happened and had some concerns for a few years. But it seems to come and go. My wife gets very testy. When I wanna talk about it I'm worried this will cause her to lose her job and even worse. Could cause us there and our relationship. It's not fun to be around a sloppy drunk. I need some advice. Friend of the show Adam. So she partied couldn't couldn't make it to work the next day cult and sect Al couldn't make it look call. That's a touchy touchy situation I have some experience in this to hold back want to see is com. That is a tough. Tough situation to be and yeah I loved ones around you you dad. Yeah like most families tooling come dependent upon both incomes to keep your standard of living going her as we all have right at the moment. Most threatened rural area there really deal. And then you also have the poll. That the relationship. Goes through I mean anytime you've been out at a party and it starts young where the out party or bar where people are drinking if you're not drink and it's not a lot of fun to be around sloppy drunk people them. It can get really really annoying by those 3733. Kgo winners or phone number 503. 7335466. Friend of the show Dewayne what do you think. And he didn't birdie sloppy drunk and uses his own ability aren't sure an aborted. You think about it. Have you ever gone through a situation like this. I was up Brooke. Apple in my life. Is that how I got fixed its own show you a video of a view. No. It is you get tired we know our goal color. It'll. And that's a tough one on on your loved ones you know your friends your relatives than I I'd that we cannot the other side of the day we need to fill a big guilty or did you just say hey man I'm just I got to stay sober. Are all you know of course certain skill on the united them really really. They're hatched I just went on a proper like I mean a complete opera years and then. I'm not out of there and I bet it is being scared you know. Dirt in my past are in an idiot. President Ernie Allen the president or drug addict and a guy broke his leg in four places like version for fourteen months in Africa I wanna let me. We're gonna stop it that they that was thirty or what. That's it you know you're gonna think I'm crazy be lucky that probably happened in the way that it did because they're gonna turn out a lot worse. Yeah I knew it and you know I you're saying that it you know all I gotta kill somebody. Tall it is what it is now. Part of my life and I can do about it now. While today went away with a although all you've lived through maybe your advice to videotape her and then shore first and might might be a good piece of advice appreciate. I'm tired of my. Yeah yeah well we Shay given the advice the friend of the show Adam thank you there you go first piece of advice. Get out your phone seeded dude take your videotape sometimes people. Wake them up shock him at least. Potentially open the door to go get some help slow start working on it because they're a lot going on here and Adam. As Mary Jim playing. He has his wife's job is potentially in play. That probably could create some financial hardship if not ruined in a dual income family when somebody loses their income. Keep this up funny now he says intervention. Is an necessity for multiple reasons. Says this is a cry for help her being testy is an egg knowledge meant she already knows she has a problem. I would agree won't I would agree sandy says bin there you have to intervene. No guarantee it will help either. It could ultimately come down the liability. You could be held responsible. For her actions. That that's in interesting twist on it too. There are a lot of people at the deal with things like this is if he's aware that there is an issue often the people closest don't notice until it's gotten to. Too far down the road right. If she's now making it work is probably pretty good chance that she's. Potentially driven in that that the state. Can definitely get yourself into a big issue friend of the show Jon what do you think. I get by. And they're airs at work but a lot of you all worried that I think away. Yeah and aren't all that but now Andre Barrett now yeah. Lady is a problem earth. You know are at it. Lighter I. Think it might work it now how would be. Mine bigger problem or not all of it. Going and going yeah no regard to what. Yeah. Anybody in bad they're eight and knowing how. One way or are. People impacted by boat that there are about. Don't get it out not programmer. Out. At nine. I don't want to do web and it went. Right back in it. Would you agree though and having had a son go through very serious addiction to calculates. That. You know from war when you're the loved one on the outside. Your you're willing to do anything you can but the fact of the matter is and I'll bet you'll back me up on this is someone who's in recovery. Until you're ready to fix it you probably not gonna do anything or. Right up. At your bank and you know apparently amber. There it a problem there. Are. Art and better you know you'd. All. Ultimately. Alcohol and addicted. Edgar hurt air out of her. And work. Like that break. Out. Let but what got a big problem occurred in dot com worked out well. And it yeah. And Allen and it greatly edit out. John thank you for listening thanks for the advice and congratulations Indians over. Well. Like great great ball well. Not an indictment that pattern and other odd. There is I'd just note here or go through hell before you get there are more more than likely. It's it's it's one of those things I think we can. Making unanimous collier based on email and phone calls that have come in this morning is amazing how many people. Has had to had to fight this fight. Aria and and our you know you continue to be in recovery from. Yet you have to intervene it's not going to be easy it's not going to be pleasant and it could drag on. For a lot longer than you think there is just no magic cure another show like in a movie. Oh yeah the next day they're fine that's that's not how works it's in many years. Two get our son back on the right track wrong and quite frankly with him he now when he was ready to go he daddy cheated on his own and very very proud of making it. It was a year and two months now of sobriety so. For friend has shown Johnny fifteen years in recovery that's it's it's quite a feet feet so. British show Adam that's our advice from listeners that's our advice for months you EE need to intervene in just known and you're gonna have to put your big boy pants on for this one. Another situation. Solved. Got a situation. Figure out there now. Email your situation you Gerri yeah DO NN dot com you take. Ford whose classic rock 92 through.