YMTC - When do Christmas Lights have to down?

Tuesday, January 2nd


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Portland's classic rock that ET 3 kgo and good morning it's teary Boyd's world listener Tim in the OC has asked for an emergency. You might call. Typically we do those Monday mornings right after 8 o'clock and thank you by the way for all of the great advice free advice they you've given up the listeners. Him in the OC says guys when delights absolutely have to be down and off the house now I don't have. A clear cut answer for that I do you know on the front side that you cannot turn your lights on before Thanksgiving. That that is and that's that is it written rule anyone who turns on the lights before Thanksgiving. Needs to get a neighborhood fine but they they're do and it its earlier and earlier and earlier that's because they don't have people in the neighborhood I'll write myself that will be right. Four break in the rules and make in the rest of us looks stupid now listener Tom sent us an email said about the lights. You can go as long as you want past Christmas as long as you don't turn them on. After two weeks past two weeks as long as you turn on a doozy of Lima your round just don't turn it on. I'm fight Diaz and I ask that question because Tom's that I usually mob ball you're on a German neighbors think I'm not climbing up and down the latter anymore and normally I'm glad that you don't see Baghdad bowl is bad. Morning happy new year out here you're well you've got. Any. Idea you know other than to lie about all of the other. I know I've been and it didn't look at our regular at the ears that light of being a great Ankara. And down you know they. Reindeer right near me on the they should be out by the end of January. I ended January. Out because you want me I would go. Right. I'm pat do. That seems consistent on the two week rule but your all Fellini and in your neighborhood I'm gonna ask. And I had paid thanks for the call. I kgo and. Bite. Out when they began. Add on or after a light up for what you're all packed. Not a bite out or are you would end that. Let it happen and bite on her birthday. And mortar I add it or not bite. It arm and a. While I know it it's funny you say Valentine's Day because my wife sent me text saying the same thing that she's okay with with Christmas lights a tolled around Wednesday I think. Absolutely crazy you know you know what you know and I sense here I sense. That's three women. Saying that we can push it out is far scooter. And I feel like it and I like her. Don't toward or other that. Are. You know I you're right I like the way you're thinking hey thank you. What are you saying I would say you'll remember lights until release from January. That's very specific why the sixth why the six the January. It's the last day of Christmas it's twelve days start on the 25. AM on the east of the tree came on the six and yet you're so we are in Christmas now. I heads blown my client I'm Catholic and I think you know what it is I'm not a super religious guy ought although I do my own convictions right. Matt Wright are more religious than Miami added far more religious background in my head still going to happen I'll tell you why that makes all the sense in the world and at that.