YMTC - Vasectomy

Monday, March 19th

Listener Sarah's husband lied by omission. He got a vasectomy without discussing it with her first. Listeners were clear on what Sarah's next step should be.


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You know my car. Who has situations where they want a second opinion and everyone has an opinion there ready to offer our. Having an affair on I think your wallet yell you the best thing to do is to grow our roundup ready it's time to bring them together. It's another addition. Okay call. So every Monday we give you chance to voice your opinion Friday we got back from anyway and got this email from listeners Sarah. Subject line said March Madness divorce. Now here's the deal man when you get an email. It's always open in the interpretations. Of the person's mood who is reading it at that moment I don't know the tone that was intended Sarah please tell everybody why you were so angry. Came home Thursday evening. Actor and knew that my husband had taken today off but I didn't exactly know why other than that he wanted to watch the game with and that's his buddies. And I come home and sit around and drink some beer and I look at my husband who is sitting on a bag I east and again that's a little weird. So Sarah your has been sitting on a bag a vice in the living room of your home with a buddies watching basketball. If you ask him. Yeah and you know what he told me blood. That he got a vasectomy. And M by the by the sound of your voice that sounds like you guys haven't really had that conversation. Not even one. So would it in the in the long term plans for you guys were you read this plan and I'm having kids. That was part mile long term plan but I guess that idea is well out the window. Our answer I can hear the ire I can hear the anger in your voice is beginning to build up in divorce is a really really big stab. I mean forgive me but I I get it heat that was a really balls he movie made without talk and he. Think that I'm there all right let's run up by their audience and give you some more perspective. Well they're more than welcome further and pat but I know what my thoughts are. The Sara tell secure our mind is almost pretty much made up today and I would caution you're someone has gone through divorces there. Is there more to this story that you haven't told us. Well if he's not telling me about this what else isn't he telling me about how. Have you guys had any trust issues in the pacers' as a person first thing to happen. Well to my knowledge this is the first one but he's seem pretty comfortable at the way that it kind of slid under the radar. That I'm thinking there's probably other things as well. So Sarah win what did he say when you confronted him and said what why did you do that as. What he told me that at his body and he can do you want do you feel about that. While I feel like in this scenario his body has to do with our future decision and it had. Joint. Decision not just about him. It's a very very complicated. You make the call. You can see why. She's looking for some other some other important what do you think Sarah should do yeah. You know I hate myself I've been married twice I've had a mastectomy but I had mine done. After my first marriage I had two children with my first wife. And on that aspect you know light that was it I also. Dotted line when it went via acceptance of my first wife you know so we talked about it. And you know let. We got a few children were done. And and we got divorced after the children and I got married a second time I was like you know what is really glad that I got that aspect because now I have all. Well I wanted to talk stressed that worried about it urged I would expect him why. So your second wife is well aware that you Marty. Fixed right. Oh yeah yeah yeah and it was very very happy about that nothing is I do think that you do you need to talk to your spell about. You know that getting attacked me because he can't do that on our pact that that's pretty evil though. Time for her to move on them as what you're saying right. A year appreciate the call and thank you I kgo and what is that we think was adversary needs to do. Well for a quiet. They have operated. Now according Terry email that's why we talked to are pretty yet again that links about this they don't have any kids I get to take that they're. Fairly young probably in the early thirties and it really probe that deep but. Just judging by how angry she is I would think that that and they she wanted wanted to have kids. Yet. Basically you know buried and you get to have. And you have just a Detroit or you're white and that are intelligent basically saying I don't have anybody in. And made it final and that cool at all and that is orders. I mean that the arrogant or. Well. Eleanor Eleanor how with the success rate is an mab and maybe that's. The possibility but his man jumping right to divorce is just such. A big move but it sounds like so far every once in unison she needs and move on appreciate the advice I kgo land listener Sierra what she she do. Well I tell you it kind of sounds like he's just got that would have now better. If you know what I mean. All like he's got inside edition he doesn't wanna it'd be you know give the the side dish pregnant. Yeah exactly. That's unhealthy interest into getting your thing about Nancy I don't think down those lines bow wow that's a whole other can of worms. That's probably gonna put even more questions in the back reminder Sarah can't appreciate the comment hide kgo land what's your advice from listeners Sarah. Yeah political reason why you get more. Well relationship not on your partner you we get word because you their answers and help relate you know. You do because you book McGrady on allocate more the chat. You're the second person to bring in that other suspicion which. I know Sarah's listening right now. That's not gonna help her case but I just feel weird about on someone that I really don't know he ate exotic you guys that it should add throw to McCann you know Damane. Mariah yeah I think that there are didn't eat them EG we don't know horrible side and I would take a look at a quicker I was. I would you can look at the bigger picture of their relationship. As it obviously in unhealthy like you're not the only other investments or not. At the flag and wave and right you always got to pay attention to the flag but I still feel really uncomfortable telling somebody. Go get a divorce among maybe get counseling or Arab is a kids' involvement other. Listeners have spoken they say it's time for listeners Sarah to move on yeah. Another situation. Solved. Got a situation. Figure out you're down on. Email your situation to Jerry Yang PG ON dot com. Is classic rock. 92.