YMTC - Vacation to in-laws PT 2

Monday, June 11th

Put your father'n'law in his place.

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It's another you make the call this morning and it's from listener Joseph. Quits a scenario here he's been married fifteen years every year his wife makes a summer vacation plans lot of people that's where it works. She plans and vacation to her parents' house they look alike they have a boat lots of other fun things do kids love it she loves give us your parents. Happy wife happy life the problem. Father in law's win more successful than Joseph and he needles him during the entire vacation is like to be sick of ideas and wanna do and anymore. He let's go to Disneyland but he doesn't have the cash he's thing about just thrown out on a credit card and worrying about it later. Rainer what do you think listener Joseph should do. I think bigger portrait to road trip I'm self. The Kirk but it badly you like it here at the art and art and art and Israeli ain't like it. By all the is that like Italian government and I'd be here today. And injures ditched the in laws all together. Yeah. You know that and I occasionally you can rolled in a like the organ vortex that's cheap. It's fun to go do inexpensive I like that idea thanks for the trainer have a go on Betty Robert what do you think listener Joseph needs to do. That I don't have equity. Grant women. My ultimate. That I have my children is that they are happy. Now this guy really is and that is wiper at the guests at sixteen years. And obviously they're probably doing something right in she's totally happy with where they're at. Now if that's the case that had that discussion. And and she is she's happy there and she should. Are bad bad execution of Alabama are well. They've got the whiskey and Scotch or wherever they're. Whatever of the week as and bad are the other logged it and I don't care if I'm not making your daughter happy then. Then that's one thing that she's happy wire you wrap busting my chops over the. He Robert appreciate the advice thank you so much for listening you know I wrote down. On a piece paper when this whole thing star roll on out there by my snap judgment I will share it would be here. In just a moment a let's jump shot dead he's been waiting patiently Debby which you listener Joseph deal. I think he should have a Alec is either on how on how it ill. Ya that's that's an interesting dynamic when you when you really sit down and that's it. And I I don't know how how that's gonna play out what his wife because clearly his wife. Is so. Blind to the scenario. You know it's ticket she brushes it off she's as our business around Thea. Yeah I eight pocket. Other I don't know you know how he really build and let it make out in L and you know I need your marriage I leave it. It it almost feels like out honestly and I wanna get a female opinion of this. It's fifteen years in Manny is any a fifteen year old doorman at this point potentially. Freddie Mac and let everybody bought a program and add their other in my any radio agent that I. My advice you need it's not as other law. Yeah I mean you got to let him know you got a whole city behind it. Get some spying and the fact that. Yeah I you know I mean he's Latin that app and there and that means that we'll be back kid nobody rally in I'll make it up other hot that they know how we can't really make it and they'll. That's a valid point to you you're right about that Eddie thank you so much for listened and we appreciate it. I'm Matt I wrote this down he saw me right down to it first started unit what is the thing on here that says split your father in law in his place. Pretty much what the consensus is today. Yeah it's that for yourself yeah you gotta you you can't be the doorman otherwise yet yeah you look foolish right when done diamond do you agree your your little lonely voice everything and have yourself I don't know if it's the same thing has put him father plays. Listen pops go sit in the corner who is completely different with the stereo for Ellison baby go sit in the corner. In again set up that whole battle yeah I think that this was an easy win. The consensus was clear he's got to confront. His father in law. Another situation. Solved. Got a situation. Figure out here now are. Email your situation to Jerry Yang PG ONN dot com. It's. Footloose classic rock 92 through.