YMTC - Vacation to in-laws PT 1

Monday, June 11th

Vacation is suppose to be fun.

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You might call. Everyone has situations where they want a second opinion and everyone has an opinion there ready to offer out there. Color got regardless of where are delighted with the person who has been taught and they know Atlanta. Early it's time to bring them together. It's another did you know you hate to call home. All right this is value your opinions and your advice. Data bring it's strong you gotta bring it and bring it was indeed jail for the complicated ones from listener Joseph. Says guys they got a situation for you make the call I've been married for fifteen years in every year my wife plans or summer vacation to her parents outs. They live on a lake they have a boat in all kinds of other things deride and have fun on. My kids love it my wife really enjoys seeing your family happy wife happy life. The problem is my father in law is weighing more successful than I am any needles me about it relentlessly. My wife says he's just having a little fun with me but it makes me feel like an unsuccessful. Loser. And frankly I'm sick of spending half. But the two weeks of vacation I get every year being made to feel that way. I wanna take my family Disney land. We don't have the cash I just wanna put it on a credit card and worry about it later. Any advice for a guy on the fast track the loser bill. Probably all been there at some point ranked. Purely out of your life the you know yes this would. There's so many relationship dynamics going on here you got the relationship with the wind the relationship your kids. Your in laws and the fact that you're just burn out you wanna go do something but. Here on out the cash. What should Joseph do kimbo what are you say. These particular occasion by himself but like advocates go. You know it does not a bad solution actually usually stop and think about it at all that as long as the wife is okay without. All gather is that dynamic credit at all happy wife happy allies dynamic while idea yet seeing. This is a very complicated and difficult scenario to get through appreciate the call pinball thank you you know that aid there. You're damned if you do you do if you don't if you Joseph now. I have a snap decision that I made. I've written down on a piece of paper I'm not gonna tell you what it is because and wanna. I don't want to taint any of the advice from listeners 503733. Kgo 15037335466. Disneyland budget up which settlement financial peril. You go to your in laws house gimme your wife happy. Got to deal with your your damn father in law you're going to be miserable rocking new you've got two weeks vacationing here in one of the weeks is going to be just misery for AM what do you think Joseph should do. I I feel Joseph king I think just a prisoner right in his desire. But because Joseph does not have the money to back about I think just that have to bite the bullet one more year. Plans for Disneyland next year and go with the family this year. You say you feel his pain out while I do you feels pain. I feel his pain having become a spank your vacation time later in lines that could be worked. And especially you know somebody called me she took a small child. I guess part and I kept that I wouldn't want to put that on my husband but if we don't have the finances in fact really is the deciding factor for me. Am I appreciate your call thank you are right. That's interesting piece of advice maybe not as easy as as Pam has made its down Kurt what do you think listener Joseph should deal. I think today. So it took just wiped. Are wanting to be with her family is understandable. But it needs to be and neutral ground so yes there were her father in law or his father in law wouldn't bother him invite them all to Disneyland. Well that's an interesting point Bae he doesn't have the money to go to Disneyland in the first place that it I don't know I could swing. Everybody. It's it's just the producing more and anything else because I don't think that in. That they would come and if they do then if they come in they pay their own way he did he shouldn't. Have to pay for a father in law especially those father in laws always breaking his staff about being more successful on and be able to afford it. You know and I think you're on a path let's go one step further you invite everyone to Disneyland when you get there you pull the they seem to your forgotten my wall. Yeah. You know I that I I don't know people that went up and it certainly would make sense when it. I I wrote down something went on we started to get into listener Josephson scenario. It's my snap judgment right back as soon as I heard the whole scenario you know I'll. That's our process I don't really think things through spam snap judgment and we'll get to more advice from listeners and I'll share mine snap judgment we view. About listener Joseph and his situation next year in 923 kgo Lan.