YMTC Two Couples Cheating Burden

Monday, January 22nd


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Or is classic rock 93. In and it can run the gamut in base becomes and anything that you might need a second opinion on you can either call us here. He can certainly email us like listener IDC thinning Constance has. Wanna protect her identity. Hairy. TE RR YA kgo and dot com person aerial balls to married couples. Great friends long time friends. They know that the one husband is having an affair cheating on his wife. They made a pact they were gonna see anything now there what a mess yeah giant mess out and now the guilty is eating them up. What are they supposed to do what do you say. They're a group of friends should talk guy and say look heated dollar against civic garlic I'm playing hurt. Or are your gun you're gonna dollar. While hardline ally to throw down man there's a lot of wrist. You almost Celek yes and experience in this. You know I'm a little bit older so it you know it started features on Arthur group of about line and she has that. Bobby and friend rabbi and an hour regarding clean and dated innovative features up. Man that's on slicks and get advice words to live by thanks for calling man. Says the scenario here just to reset it you got a couple. That are married longtime married happily married couple him great friends but they do know that the husband. Is cheating on his wife dot war original husband wife agreed. We're knocking that we're not gonna tell on a regular middle of the deal is eating them alive what is your advice for her and what should she do. Sure I guess my issue is that the activities that there's other. That lead is undertaking and use the option I saw things in my mind and what he chooses to do. Business does it in his life where the other all seem to come and intersection there would be. I agree that the conversation with my husband and say hey it was that I feel like a lot at 1 o'clock with a lot of other couple until. I don't think the situation worse by that and why and then maybe it. You don't think about how. Conversation that we're whatever I don't quite doing what other ballot that's about about this and my prayer is giving a white is the heart of our union bowl. And I'd love to address app. They talked all week it'll important that you guys are with each other and while not a pregnant. You know it's really interesting I agree with you all a 100% on that in the affair is secondary. The deception is way way more severe than any I appreciate your rice. And it's very damaging I appreciate your vice thank you for calling. I kgo and what do you say. I think that's bad I'm all pull it out patient if you're eavesdropping and then their. The other people liked. It all. Very gay hey you know that's a very valid point my understanding in talking to her. That he came clean to them so but that doesn't mean that's the fact that's my understanding appreciate your take Ankiel. So here's a scenario you have to married couples good friends longtime one married couple made a pact amongst themselves to not tell the wife for the other couple the husband is cheating. And they guilty is eating them up. Both of them alive. What do you do. You know I think. You gotta put pressure on. What Colin Joseph Q&A cheater you gotta put pressure on him that you know you'll be I'm not. Content and you know. I like that at. I I like the fact the you get the show enough that everyone as a named Joseph with a cheater now Lovett well. They're part of all late you know and in line to do that Jeter need either I have a comforter and all I need to poverty agenda eater. And let the eight C on your wife is not or not gonna pay any thing but like on the pay bump than in the crap you wrecked the night. Trying to figure out what they eventually put it a lot like hey what are your life I. July Beckett about that and I. That's a lot of kind of here around that's built up hey I appreciate your input manna I'll like Joseph the Jeter in my round that. Here. He's pretty unanimous and confrontation is. My right there on the arise mountain call me lazy call me crazy I just find another group fret it's. Just made a at this point RD made a bad decision by not confronting it in the very beginning you know I mean it's just one of those things man when your friends drop something like that your lap. Do you eat the same other friends for even bringing in yeah yeah hello least Osmond in that case.