YMTC swingers

Monday, December 18th


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93 kgo when good morning series Boyd's world it is you know might call. Based on a lot of the emails so far listener Bob could be going his own way if he makes it tragic mistake the scenario here is he and his wife have been invited to go to Las Vegas free trip. He received byes some other. Wait too friendly neighbors to me that's the jackpot man free trip to Las Vegas premieres that perfect their swingers they make no bones about it and he is concerned about accepting the trip what he would do. On May have been in that situation and do it really a hero and fortunate that my wife. Little naive. I go to help these people burn my job during the decade you'd call later namely about that and well I about as sure I'll abide look I'd be able big. Over there is kind of like in the mind this is. Like a number. But always a waiting you don't agree what it outlined. Sure. I'm glad I'm wondering lead and other regular rest and come back. This lady attacks me in my. Whoa whoa whoa Girardi talked about also reached out. And I like no no no and it wound up you know let's get out of here because she she didn't have a clue why it didn't have any clue. At least be worse. So once something else and it wasn't a trip to Vegas at the Vegas a good idea and. I'm not okay well ladies that and I'm just curious because you know in the midst of that you say she's nine she's the honors there had to be a party that's like. Are at how to I've played this how can I make how can I win on all sides ran it. Well I am trying to Warren I don't wanna going to go to I don't want but Utley. How many times they won with other people in enemy out at a little grow up for me they are dark and crazy Mike. I'll Manny yeah I don't know and the other guys in the situation Bob I. I wouldn't go. But. They opened at Jimmy cans of worms in your relationship I would. A lot. You know something that you know and it transpired and I'd like you didn't really all that opt in or are. I had no I don't you know I've. I. Well may let me. Let me come clean with the Johnson I told you I had some insight experience on this. Well almost every time when my wife and I go to Las Vegas and has get a salad a humble Bragg has nothing to do with me. My life it's incredibly beautiful I don't know why she's married to me. Mac can attest do it Chia my wife is a knock out these images here when we are sitting at a bar or walking through casino. Almost every time someone has proposition does a couple out are you going to do and and I and I was being honest I mean there are times like you said. If the other persons and nine you're like yeah have you start looking around an ego. When I open this storm my wife has way more opportunities there and I'm going to act of. But Atticus just friendly outgoing you do come right out she gives you a little late on. Emulate it how you do on all of a sudden it's like whoa what happened by the way went into white going to Vegas. My wife and I. Hot or not I'll bet against any time soon. The ballot only lose man very very. That. Lot of it away. I read hey thanks to listen and have a great Damon. Did you think at all. You know what there you go there's your answer there was not a single yes in the bunch coming email phone calls. Bob do not accept the trip to Vegas at all costs.