YMTC - Spycam selling home

Monday, May 14th

Spying on home buyers. Is it OK?


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You might call. Everyone has situations where they want a second opinion and everyone has an opinion there ready to offer our. And having him here on I think your quality elsewhere you have nothing to do is in the last group of the race. It's time to bring them together. It's another addition. Call. You make the golf this week are very volatile and I'm telling me it's running neck and neck on what to do for listener John he is one for sell their home. Lot of people doing that myself included. Get ready now living get ready for years I have there's one thing holding decorated Monta when it is because it's it's I think it's a universal thing. They're dilemma is the reorder wants to do install security cameras inside the house. So they can spy am prospective buyers in gaining an advantage. When they're negotiating the sale and John's wife seems to be on board he thinks it's Miki unfair. And borderline. You legally wants to know what you guys think what we think and if anyone else has ever done it Jim what do you think part of. I'm working so. Oh I personally think everybody gonna get an advantage works well by her daughter's. It's. The lions around about that and. I think I broke out as a wedding and I don't well that I. In the world and people don't let their chat in the microwave just yet they will need to stop it and get on our vehicle I would. Everybody wrong. Your book must be brought approached as crying but they can read it better well. A threat any advantage you get men. A lot of buyers are liars thanks for the call man. Jim what do you think. I think that you got that wrong really terror Kazaa I Rockford. I got. Work for a world one that rocks. Yeah you wouldn't do that then you guys Israel to practice. No it's unnecessary. To market hot. It won't it won't take long seller Aybar could give the market wasn't so hot would you would you be opposed to the cameras. Now that I do at night I'd attic of the sale. And usually I the other. I the other houses that are for sale amendment personnel were a month and now that the bad review editor. Well since you have insider information coming from the real estate side. Maybe get a little more credence to your opinion god what do you think listener John should deal. I think it's a little on the dirty. How what why why do you feel that it's dirty. I don't little he would invite. Isn't dirty enough to where if your realtor asked you do do you wouldn't do it. They're my real athlete your IQ I didn't bring that it did you know you can't let. Different perspective that you're potential buyer and you found out they're doing that that would be I wouldn't buy it I walk away. On the hour with Dioner percent would you have a problem if they had assignment but at the door that says you know it's monitored by cameras. There can be no going. It there under a higher standard moral and other. Smaller and yeah Matt. Yeah. Where people who are calling and right now they are ALK. It would be right on they're not the app. Doug appreciate the call so here's the dilemma do you put security cameras in your house despite a prospective buyers. So far most people are saying yeah we should Kyle what do you think. You know you're but I think I think you should have cameras out regardless if you're trying to that are not just for security and you know I think you are cameras in your out you. Your paper. I don't feel safer but if I feel like I can at least you know big get a view of what's going on in my house and and that's something that's important to me. Yeah I think you know it now and how the beside the point I think I would watch in the news about a year ago. And a real letter that was selling the couple well actually had broke back in the house and they're going to recovered. And because they had a camera naked you know they've watched this real whether it was you know obviously. Not above the orient are not all of our they're. Out going duties this guy's. That's a great point there's also people who go to like open houses and it if that if there's still furniture and belongings in the house. Dug through the house and they may end up stealing something or they may like go through medicine cabinets trying gets medicine. You know whether it's true whatever pills they may have up in there. And then there's a third thing I guess have you thought about there's real there's that going your house and then they didn't get down on your bed. Yeah pray you never know what they're going to be don't then you're okay. Kicking the other may do an upper deck or near yeah. It's. Yeah. The. I certainly didn't think we get the upper deck in this morning I didn't think that. There's been a lot of opinions. Google it if you knew the note and a projected. It. Calendar and a work. Definitely leaning listener opinion is leaning one away. In the nefarious side. If you think it's a furious I don't think it's nefarious. It's advantageous. I can Dahlia I if I'm on this Allen Sinai alike in a bomb on the Einstein I don't like it's it Intel you sell it it's your home. Don't we in agreement but everyone we with where fell with listeners are right that if they wanna do at this John you better do it the jury has spoken. Another situation. Solved. Got a situation. Figure out here now. Email your situation you Jerry Yang PG ONN dot com. It's. Ford whose classic rock 92 dream team.