YMTC - Skipping Little League PT 2

Monday, April 23rd

Once  a bad parent always a bad parent?


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You might call. My days you make the golf is all about listener Cary and her husband. Her words are and not ours but their sons sucks he's not a very good baseball player. Husband refuses to go to the games it's grinds to go watch him while he says he's she says he's embarrassed embarrassed to go to the games. She wants advice what is she supposed to do about it Michael what do you think. How raw somebody Shelton. That Archie who despite. So. My wife is due. No time in their. It you better at being they have about eight years or Orton with a more I don't want you better. Are we seeing better and more and went. I like that idea of get him to be better then you can certainly one of the games again. I look I mean yeah you know it. Up there's audio blow that you want. You know at at the I think you really hit on a valid point here it's about spending quality time with your child. Any reason and if your child's other good it's a Little League this is where you'll learn. To play baseball spend a little more time developing the skills. Where I you know now there are about eight and the moral on the field and and and in the minds you're gonna hear a lot of the group. You know what they won't make a lot of improvement even if you just get the basics down good morning kgo and what do you think. I think pan Asian player. On our war. And for two very I'm sure you're an. I played well all eyes aren't there are are. It'd be very well find out there immunity so. That's about it. You know it's funny it's okay for you to say you suck when you sockets not okay for your mom to see you suck when you cites a drastic. Scary situation is. Her husband does not want ago to their son's Little League games there's a specific reason he doesn't wanna go or words her words are words is that the kids sucks that's it and so he's embarrassed. And does not want to attend anymore of the Little League games. Rust what do you think. He opera quality gear up find out together enjoy baseball want them to and they don't mean I I would do that myself or someplace you know joy it. In other brother would decide they'd all. If he doesn't mean it's we are the other caller if he's. You know they catch in his I mean. You know don't abort ballplayer again in the attic of our work. That's a great play he might not even like playing baseball he might just be doing it because of the million of the family wants him to do it. Yeah I mean I I would be graded out either but I enjoyed playing baseball I just I worked got better my dad worked with me and I got better. Nobody is born old he's worked perfect in our guarantee that. And the hardest thing in the world oh lead artist in the world as it around all round. Good morning did you land what do you think but I think that the about the woman in a Little League games again. I also have a son who is really not that at all little. I went to games and Atlantic series since one yes it's that the support your side regardless of whether they're parents and figured ot. And you know this seems like the kind of bad you would not hesitate to practice. And happened to be good at. And so what you're going to be there all goes well and proud when your child is gifted and you need to also. When they're struggling. I believe we are all in agreement here. Do she dad needs to make three shows up to some of these games if not every single game agreed to. Another situation. Solved. Got a situation. Figure out here now. You make the call or email your situation you Jerry Yang PG ON dot com. It forces classic rock. 92 dream team.