YMTC - Skipping Little League PT 1

Monday, April 23rd

Little league and parental drama.


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You might call. Everyone has situations where they want a second opinion. Everyone has an opinion there ready to offer out. Your dollar got regardless I'm wearing earned in the life with her but it was all caught and they know Atlanta. Oh it's time to bring them together. It's another did you know you hate to call home. You make the golf rusty by liberty coin incurring seen in some place to buy and sell your gold silver jewelry coins and diamonds remember last Friday. We're talking about little Lee again you know parents in conflicts and things that can go on. Off of the field them is it is there to have a good time soon we forget that sometimes that's right they may not be the most gifted athletes on the planet there's there. Do enjoy there. Their young lives. Kerry sent us an email after the show on Friday Kerry what's going on. Well I think really it if I could help off or you make the call okay what do we do euphoria. I found on Little League Baseball game. And he immediately sock. And I thought the game anyway and I support him and it's scheme attic to it or my health and it was huge security. And why won't your husband go to the games he's embarrassed he can make excuses for other things you want to do. Oh absolutely yeah and back normal or what able I don't think about it because it's particularly at all. And I figured to myself I'm thirteen. And at the other parents and how little you know what happened and it would not have to make it can all competence exit program. Because our scientists it's hard and it's very painful to watch the games tactic it's still early part practiced toward him and my husband on the intimately I think daylight. When he did go did he own up to your son being his son. And it would note that it's his son but but he has excuses for why didn't wanna go to the game because it clearly embarrassed that different tack. Our sons that but like okay little other people think EP OK from my husband talked out of the game and not grow because he's embarrassed. And he doesn't want to do it again. The tell you what Gary we're gonna put it out and you know and keep listening you're gonna get your advice from our listeners than mean you have to take it now they'll be there carrying inserts are people your single Payer. I think that might be a way to gauge your husband of the game. You're welcome that this is a weird did this a weird situation. Depends upon who you talk to. Some parents go to all gained some parents go to no games. Are you obligated wat is the right thing to do here for a listener Kerry will figure advice next.