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Monday, September 10th

It's a good problem to have.

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You might call. Who has situations where they want a second opinion. Everyone has an opinion they're ready to lumber out your dollar got regardless I'm wearing our own thing in the life with her but you're receiving. I felt flatly that. Oh it's time to bring them together. It's another. Call me. You make calls from Cuba liberty joining currencies he placed the buying and selling your gold silver jewelry going. And diamonds. Ayman take on and it is right up on the surface level you're gonna go. I wish I had this problem. But if you think about it for a second and we'll share a story we give them might shed little light on us comes to us. From friend to show drew. He says you know what. I got a very weird issue I'm worried about the fact that I may lose my wife. Now for any of the reasons you might think. I've been very aggressive in the last ten years in not only saving money and investing money in creating wealth. I'm only 48 but I think I have enough money to retire. My wife has no idea has been working two jobs for the last the years. I was so obsessed with my plan to get rich and never occurred to me that my wife was working so hard. I'm worried now. This may change everything in our relationship may be good to. May be bad any advice on what to do would be great. We appreciate it so he's worried that she's gonna be pissed that they have so much money and she's had to work those jobs right that maybe she didn't need to work down hard has he was so singularly focused over those ten years and just grinding away. Not really noticing everything else that was going on around do you remember. Like I guess it was maybe fifteen years ago we're we're doing the other shall write yeah. I believe there was a guy down and would burn who was. An egg farmer chicken farmers don't like that he won the lottery. It wasn't like the big mega huge one but it was like ten or fifteen million dollar it was a big windfall debt and he never said a word. He is stash the money kept women is dated may live in them money kept multiplying a multiplying and multiplying to a point where. He was extremely wealthy and well you never know because he never he didn't do a damn thing with a money right. Any is he wanted to be done need more work anymore in this same situation and you remember what happened when his wife. The when he told his wife that she. Immediately wanted to be divorced they had to work through it cannot get divorced she felt like. He had lied for so long terror she dealt with the stress. The financial stress and had over that time because he wouldn't say that hey look we don't we've we don't have to worry about money right. Right I mean that act like you said this is a situation that I believe. Most people listening is more ago long term peace so unlucky and I get it. But. It does create a dilemma it does create an issue what do you think friend who showed drew ought to do it. Burned to show you suddenly. And you know if journalist to figure out that he does have enough money to retire which him and his wife. He should go entered her work. And grabbed her by the hand and say honey you no longer have to work. And I think that alone right there would surprise her so much makers so happy. That she would forget about anything else. That's like a Cinderella story out there than it man I mean literally just there a host I'm thinking of yours Disney music. But I don't want to Disney music because someone always dies and Disney movie right. But I've always thought that you know would have my one of my megabucks Dick hit I'd love to go down in gig Kim out of work and just say come on honey you're done. Yeah evidence that this totally different because that would be immediately you would be up front with her you would know and that's just the way that you would tell her about it. This situation he has been stuffing money aside for years. And she's been so so. Stressed with Borg you know working two jobs and trying to make sure that that they can be you know just provide for the basic necessities. Well I would definitely try to Cinderella story didn't come out. Yeah or you know any options you as well here's half C a later. Obviously. Loved her. He's words. Made dinky for the show Tammy justice up via email Terri kgo and act on. Says. I would act like I was upset to begin with just to make sure I get a few things are really want it if I didn't get them lawyer up. I thought now. A friend to show fringe show Brett what do you think drew ought to do one. Let me show you guys locked arm I think juror need to approach it as the week. And not just think it was all him stating all that money you need to bring his wife is sitting in the work in your eloped view. I have 200. Best and appreciate everything and I think we got enough to just kind they could chill pill and relax and enjoy it like now well friends wearing her under the lupus well. I think that's rated that's great advice trend to show Brett. Yeah not just leave it all out there. Make sure she's included. On the well and every day and that's what I would do it my wife. And she'd love it out so. Doug Dutch who wish you had that problem Brett. But I didn't I didn't. Really out of truck worked my ass off and but you know work. I make you and me and that's all that counts right now tell my Lotto ticket comes. And I know I have the same oral one game my friend and it blurted we're. Herb. They've Brett have a great game and appreciate you lies they love your show. Thank you for saying that appreciate it Brett US a great question now what about the communication and mental deal but I think in guy world vs girl world we think. Of ourselves as Superman right now we we won we would we wanna do these really grandiose surprises sometimes that we've going to be totally cool and then we get there we go. Ball. This may not be as cool as I thought it was going to be a tenure. Grandiose plan is and isn't just. They really fits into that same kind of short disk is you've figured out all along you're like oh my gosh okay I got this. You know like it you know like when you cycle the first thousand dollars then it turns into 2000. And then pretty senior at ten and then whatever in outsourced to grow. And then you know like. A lot of us we this at all. Have a little left the. But they are saving your missing the the communication. Aspect of it in the teamwork of building. It took to the same goal. I think I'm just giving in my do you sense yes the question is that he was trying to do this big surprise. And that he was so focused on how she's gonna love you have this whole movie esque scenario goes back Steven little boy Lee right there are yeah it was east side. I get again that I get what he was trying to do in what you're saying. But I think that that's going to be the bigger problem he's going to have to deal with when he does come clean and say here's here's what's happened I think it's going to be a communication issue. That she's gonna have the bigger issue with she's yeah she's gonna visit the she worked for in a harder than she needed to for the last ten years. But she's also gonna feel violated because there was no communication on creating the same goal and working towards it. But a handful of Benjamin's that's bella I love you spend that money solves every night or hurt. How another situation. Solved. Got us into. And figure out here now. Email your situation to Gerri thank you GO NN dot com. Classic rock. 92 there.