YMTC - Come clean after cheating

Monday, July 16th

Suffer with the guilt.

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You might call. Everyone has situations where they want a second opinion. Everyone has an opinion there ready to offer odds. Your dollar got regardless I'm wherever we are delighted with the person who was caught amateur you know Atlanta. Oh it's time to bring them together. It's another did you know you made the call. Right this morning should make the call comes at a different from a different angle. Started a new segment on Friday called tales from the left if your drive and lifter rumor of a million stories. Matt and I happen to grab you lift for the blues fest and it was our drivers for stay on the job. Castrate. Witnessing it's happened so far she picked up a couple earlier in the morning. That it was clear they had spent the night together they add that you know just you know what here yet. And just assume their boyfriend girlfriend as they were driving to the destination overheard their conversation. About what they were going to do because they are on the way to his girlfriend's house and her best friend's house. Exactly so between the two of them they were trying to work out. A scenario that would be. Plausible and believable. And I guess may be and some sort of way come clean with what was going on. Now there's only wanted to camps I believe that you can be and there's no straddling the fence on this. Either you do believe in coming clean. Or you don't believe in coming clean. I used to be in the camp for a very very long time. They ia always got to come clean you always got to be truthful. But I've been swayed over the last few years by people that I now. And maybe it changes when you were married verses just dating. That the coming clean is all about you when your conscience it is an about the person next year hurt to begin with. And the person that he cheated on its just about you know just another selfish act I think it was a big role but I think you think honesty is the best policy Brendan showed tab at the what do you think. A parent and I'd be what it really truly you know I'm Alina I don't like oil and I'm a law and how that yet not being tight. Not at all. Hey Dina borrow whatever hampered by. A shot. Yeah she she didn't why you do what it. Well you better not count them. Out at Erin. Are. Laws are the relationship will be over anyway even if he does say anything about have been lit it I mean would you rather get down the road five years and know that he's been doing at the entire five years. I see does. Now a lot more on. Al. You're someone who made the mistake you've got to live with it. About. All I walk out I'd lock it up I am oh where are. I brought. EI exactly I happen to be at this hotel actually fillets or her vagina I don't know how that's now. It parrot as a it will and it acts are at Wrigley. Try and help out baked out you know batter an early build better at it why. Audit and acts like it or somebody like. Don't don't don't you think like life would be a lot easier. If some of these policies had to Wear orange cones like for traffic. Well OK. What what a lot and now you're like I. There you go I wasn't on what I thought about that so. There's your first two opinions. Do you come clean up 48 keep it to yourself good morning kgo and what do you think are. Then Bartley of Don't Ask Don't Tell. If it'll note that overheard him like don't know there's there's not but it all knowing Arnold. You know what I'm kind of in that camp with you man I leg I'm a fairly honest person. And I definitely have very few morals and scruples but that's one of my and I think he got a sack up before you even do it right that's that. I think the ones group we have together Terry is you want but we're both I know for fact you've I'm all. Bet money that you all 100% monogamist hero walked. And vacillation but he. Yes to a man when you lock it down glittering on it especially pinball appreciate the opinion. The morning kgo land what do you think. Well I'd egg in my of the outcome clear because there and it's not hurt us because of what she had done it'll that. What should be your best friend in need of lovable all our energy might all know that this could move on and are in a brand on real for you at all. Right at the top place a bid can be generally easier you know lose your lover and you lose your best friend. So this is the thing I'm talking about and now you're leaving monitored. But you get better after that issue our girlfriends. Yeah she knows where she stands as you can move on. That. There. I would agree with you on that or yeah I led it's such a convoluted and complicated deal. And when I said I think if you're if that's where you're sitting. You have enough sack and a backbone to stand up and Disco and listen man this is. This is where I am this is what I'm thinking as opposed to just going and doing it and expecting somebody. To forgive him but that's there that's a different thing that we're talking about there because that at the at that point now we're talking about whether you view should. Have the affair not noise it's not they're rated it comes down to the fact that if you're the one who's coming clean your doing it for you're benefit. United do wonders for their benefit. You're don't have for your benefit if size if if I would if my if something happened where my wife cheated on me I would absolutely want her to tell me. 100% well you're certainly in the majority that you know I'm in that that C the bottom line is you know the good. Of the friends of the show have spoken. Unanimously. They think you need to come clean I understand that to me. I'm I'm a vengeful person I'd rather know that that person was suffering the deals eating them you wouldn't know because they wouldn't tell you know it at the overlay what it didn't matter you know I I don't want I wouldn't want it now. I would not wanna no I'd rather be okay knowing that the guilt eat them alive. But I'm in the minority. You're in the majority this week. Another situation. Solved. Got a situation. Figure out here now. Email your situation you Jerry Yang PG ONN dot com. It's. Footloose classic rock 92 through.