Yanny Laurel PT 2

Wednesday, May 16th

What's the frequency Kenneth ?


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So there are a lot of theories that are floating around I use that word theory because there really isn't a conclusive answer what you said that you have a way. To make just put ten Chile here's something different I think so and if I have this right I think if you hear Yani and you can't figure out how. People are hearing laurel. We pitched it up our I'd take a listen. I hear that's me it's down. Oh Iraq so that's our guests down and that's that's how you would hear ya ask me left and right now. How does your crystal clear. How I go to guy doesn't knock him out all the lenders and I hear ya honey this is the first time you've heard Yani. You. Yeah I hear ya. It's a very slow down version immunity beauty but the hero laurel it'll. Now the idea here laurel at all. When you when you pitch it down like that are so so people who heard laurel should've just heard. Yeah and yes aren't so when you pitch it up yes. You say it that's it out all right take a listen. Us. After I don't listen to chip monks and I have no like I cannot hear Yani at all in now I only race. So I didn't really weird theory would both of those you should have been able to hear. Here both Yani or laurel what are thought I wonder if everyone else is feel the same thing because it's that obvious it's about pitching frequency than. I would imagine Zaria what did you hear. It did that was listening to Robin Meade headline news this morning yeah I heard Yoni. On television and when you guys played at the first time on the radio higher moral. And odd and then we start messing with the pitch right then you hear something completely different. That catch was it was just what you guys put out there you know when it was slowed down it was Yani when it was the pitch up it was Laura but it's weird how much on television. Earlier this morning I heard Yani. While let me just say you can't trust anything you see on television you to stick with the radio are busy at the facts are that it would. He I did the first time I was near radius if I'm calling from Ontario Canada. Really it's a small world welcome to listening to Portland radio. Thank you very much settlement has great. It is thank you so if you're on social media last night Twitter maybe you're on FaceBook may reduced on the Internet. You knew it was blowing up over this little piece audio. Yeah. They used here differently again Crowley two different times the first time I heard Danny the second time I heard laurel you know clip in the same clip. Wow it brings to stuff fires bouncing all over the place here alone because Kimberly it's been volatile morning she destruct any notes titled. Holy crap snacks. Yani sorry I aspects I love that Jeff on and create peace being variation threw me off which is really weird because they're starting to become a pattern. With the speed variations we Jerry is in Gary's. Now I can see that. So we sped it up and we sped it up it's did for most people sounds more like laurel. Us. I mean I still Earl Moore was slowed back down then it sounds like Yani but the morale so you. It we're getting some Jerry's and different things like one guy guy EAM as the you know you and me the enemy yeah. He swears by well and it makes sense when you speeded up that you would hear you Annie because basically. I've been going through all of this like they had this been doing for since I got here this morning at lake it's been driving me absolutely insane and and Terry's army for a long time one site. Get stuck on something I can't let go until I figured out Brad soul. When you speeded up its most people who hear higher frequencies. Here you Danny so younger people who tend to have better hearing on the higher frequencies will hear you Danny and people who are a bit older who you know have lost at upper range of higher frequency hearing over time. Tend to hear Loral which makes sense when you speeded up the frequency goes higher when you slow it down the frequency goes lower. So half of people like five out of ten. War here yeah Danny. Three out of ten more here laurel and then there's one out of ten you'll hear both. And it keeps going back and forth for me like what would it what does it mean if you hear both because you are that you are not both are in that yeah I readily admit I'd I know my hearings going away from all motor sports though I've done. I don't know what it means 'cause my hearing just terrible I kgo why would you here there we messed around the pitch. What you can shoot down wreckage fewer people would hear Cherie but I still don't hear you area where Sowers is your first year. Well I I can I can see where people can hear Jerry oneness. When it stitched down like stole I don't hear that and all year. The rest of the time at all laurel how voice sounds like the voice on the collision avoidance system on our commercial aircraft. It is either climbed climbed climbed thirty says indeed and deep sense the same boys. Well I hope it's clearer to the day there yeah.