Would you rather farts or panties

Friday, February 23rd

Both are nasty when you're stuck on an airplne, but you have to chose one. Is it non stop fart man or center seat panty dryer?


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All right so what I'm about to tell you is 100%. True not fabricated. In the slightest. This is a would you rather Matt and I'm gonna give you a scenario. And you gonna have to answer as to. Would you rather these are two things. That happened this week on airplanes one. An airplane had to make a strategic stop on a flight and pull into another airport because a passenger was forwarding. Incessantly and when not stop. And it was built trading through the cabin because your flying in a Petri dish and apparently you know most of the passengers including the crew. Had asked this man to stop anyone stop asked this may end as and he asked on a continue to go on your right exactly. The second thing that happened on an airplane was a woman who I assume took her underwear off. Or had it with her and was drying it. And him will end the little wind air conditioners and that they gave you that little. But that really never blows enough air on you to coolly off just enough to dry out your lips story. I. Somebody's surgically removing a with a net dole nail. She flew the entire flight senator's seat where their panties in her hands over head underneath. The air conditioning vent to oversee apparently drying them offers so I don't know exactly would you rather. Take the former. Or the latter if you're traveling on an airplane because you do run in Q. Crazy. Situations. I think I would rather have the view them woman drying her paintings. Then the guy how hard my good times. Rebelling and the entire. Airplane making a lot of assumptions your making just an awful lot of assumptions and making assumptions based on what you told me yet you are nuts on that I would absolutely take the number one. The Ford Carter you know I've been up plenty of points that I sat next to it an older woman. Who had that teach some people get on planes. And that pressure or whatever it yet. It's never ending right it wasn't pleasant I felt horrible for her because she was clearly embarrassed by the other. Taking your panties off and holding them up underneath a vent on an airplane you're just stupid that there's you have control of that there's no way. How do you think that's what you're saying what's what would flight what I rather be done. I don't think addict she can totally control what she's doing I get a bit. If you're hurt doing that affects me far less and some dude sit next to me far hole I disagree tour where the plane had to take an emergency when I disagree have no idea where those where were those have been what do you think. Thank you know your your granny anything or I don't know I can handle somebody cargo plane that. I mean are they like any tried all the underwear they. Know also that tire repair these matters yeah so no these this this girl appears to be pretty young and it looks like it's a Thong but nonetheless. There's a lot of wind in that math. I don't depend to what you wanna go upward. Well yes I guess that is all I because men I saw that happen and it would be absolutely. I I would we rather take the nonstop fared than the then the girl drying your penalties no. I you know leave and not married at that mark no linger forever. Or I reply and I. I don't want to. Sailors that see our games. I'm going to recruit burst employ it as well avoid bad guys are so stupid man who thanks for the call yeah they're grainy pennies on out of candidates and thought okay I'm good if it's a delicate you know we're okay and it she's hot to ice the size qualifications. Our qualifications before before we assume we're gonna go with the peonies amused on him and no way. He has been ball against him are all people say the banning garner over the anchor. Because it is a single guy you know sit back to lead to a very crucial conversation. Yet to get ice breaker on I owed. I don't know I don't really. Have is that pure ice breaker I I just wanna know what you're a unit looks like and.