Willie Taggart is Out

Wednesday, December 6th


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Scary boards world good morning biggest story. Bruin today and definitely. Opinions flying is former U of O. Head football coach Willie Taggart sneaking out name and image in the darkened night. It was a worst kept secret money and it everybody really everybody knew is gone now you and I I think we agree on some principles but disagree. On premise of what is going on and I don't want it Jed the conversation because. A lot of people wanted to chime in 503733. Kgo and what do you have to say. Thanks for mortgages so mama's boy. We just missed the bitter his wife doesn't know how to cook. Into The Doobie Brothers just really matter what up who believes or protect Arabs we get a chance. Yeah I you know I take it to Korea like earlier when I said. That I'm so tired of the PC response I mean I would love nothing more than the you'll vote to come out and go hey you know I'd. I don't care what happens in Willie dagger we're gonna smash them when we play them if we get an opportunity. And Iowa wish him nothing but a losing record. Thank you for the call man have a great day I kgo land. Don't they about really in a receipt from Florida myself. Yeah up an average 38 years of this aid does not immediately it. The other element doesn't they'll. Adverse. Prosperity but again I think what Heidi it is being. Ed he'd hit L. As true southerner. You don't think you know what's interesting about that people say all I don't businessman says it's business right. I have the numbers around here somewhere he's making millions of dollars with a all kinds of incentives at what point. How how much is it change your life if you make one million dollars more. When you go to Florida State vs staying at my job to decide yet while he signed a deal he made a commitment bright and so he's only getting out on the commitment of the that the whatever bowl game right that's the only thing it. Otherwise because they tried to offer an extension need to he declined. So it's business it is clearly business I cut anybody else got out checked I thought it was a no he had a payback. He's being get bought out that much and whatever they they ended up buying out the rest of the contract which. It is business it happens all the time in a lot of different industries are you tell that you have only had him on a one year deal they tried to extend him I'm not sure exactly how long that the current deal was that they tried to extend them before the civil war. And he declined. They knew as as it is not. Once a shock to my god will exact that they knew that this is coming to prepare for that's probably why they can make a statement like. Tuition the vast they had time to process that they knew well. Is gonna happen. He said you you've lived here now and Oregon for what 38 years. It did do you come to organs are like a steppingstone because I'll take a little story here. I came to origin thinking it was a steppingstone right I was gonna move on and go somewhere else because quite frankly. I was scared out of my mind to live here you know why. Aren't. Because when I was a little kid I was enamored with the big foot and I swear to god I thought I'd sit around. It's tonight Ivan the trees and my hair Russell and I swear I got even now is building day put out there. That's a true story. Red mile an. Audit you mayor and I did. At eight you know that I don't ever ever let act it would not let back in it don't like an iron and IE added I'm at the port 8888. Verdict I don't play and make beaten me. Course the war. Left half a season this is working out for you. It's gonna heat the rivalry. NN appreciate you listen and thank you for hang out for 38 years. You sit there what are. Rocco eight ill and. You know that's really interest and that's a true Florida accent rent there I had told today a lot of hillbillies and Florida. OK so here's the deal he signed a five year deal that it was worth sixteen million dollars. You'll vote went back to arm and tried to bump it up to one email. Brightness to be distant cut him off at the past of leaving. He still left. That shows lack of character you can spin it anyway you want on all of business it's business at some point. Sixteen mil twenty email or whatever their pain amount Florida State he can't be much more than twenty million dollars. Like it comes down the contracts at that's why I say it's business and in in Oregon did not do a good job of structuring the contract to help origin. They did a great job of making it too. Making it available for him to get out and use organ as the steppingstone to that the job that he really wanted ours is the can through a man he he got like. Membership to the Eugene country club was partisan mean. I think what. He made out of and a great football coach and I don't know because I'm not a football coach but he was act element negotiator if you're gonna be mad at anyone I would be mad or again for setting up the deal that he did in hiring him. When he so he was all he's been qualified for Ford from bowl games. You know how many games he's coached. Of the four how many one. Because he leaves any goes elsewhere in the last 365 days do you know how many how many teams he's been the coach of three really yes one all now so get so goes back to character I was little when you when I was when I was getting my first job. Period first ever job I remember my dad instilling look. Find a place that you're gonna stay there for a little up you have to build up Reza that you have to build up some kind of you have to be able to show. That you Gil there you don't quit at the first sign you you you fight through and you you work hard. I did that I ended up working at McDonald's for wage won't get your. And like Donna oh like iron and I ago he left which was fantastic head Martinsville and I'd appreciate that you've you. You go to places and you put in time to to to build up you know and maybe it is a character thing maybe that was something that was important to me that that when I go places. I committed to being there as long as I can as long as it works out. For him he he clearly use this is a steppingstone to get somewhere else I promise. You know the opinions you know and it's very to me it seems the very ones that people are really pissed that this guy. And I mean really comes down to a lot 21 thing and I guarantee and our audiences matters. Your word and handshake actually means something because Amanda. Like a everybody's. The kids that signed because it Willie Taggart now they're stuck right and it's just it's a bad he's a selfish. Jackass and I wish you although I would have said that I they should've released a statement that had a lot of then a minute not this. PC crap yeah I'll say it like it is and I just think that there there and into the against one person I don't think there's a lot I and they hit you think I agree with you personally I think that that's how I operate. But I see this I understand contracts I understand. Buyouts and I understand that works in its business even if he's the nicest guy in the world I want you vote come out release and statement. We hey Willie Taggart barn and show goes so it's always you'll find right. Write it for free I don't even charge them up put it altogether for free year mile just it's Terry kgo in dot com semi neem all right Emporia.