What scares you - Mouse story

Monday, May 21st

Everyone is afraid of something. What are you afraid of?

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Weather was good this week in to get out working your yard at all Matt has got a little bit yeah. Mahler tonight we're taking care is getting a house ready get an all cleaned up looking good. Those listener Tom he has life. He said hey guys are just talking about weekend honey news last week my wife and I were going to tackle some yard work. But on our scruffy old clothes 'cause that's the way you do you don't adopting a good close headed out to the garage were all the yard tools are including an old pair of shoes as a biggest mistake. You make. Director good shoes. Out doing yard work move because he is your bound to step in dog poop or mud or something. Our team on the lawn and your holiday you know green yeah that's not a good thing. I grabbed my issues a slit my foot into the last few that I grabbed the Wright issue. Shoved my foot in but it wouldn't go. Felt like there was something at the end of the shoe ever get like a new pair Hughes and you think there's like paper in their right yeah so I. Pulled issue up to my face to look inside of it which is what you would always do right putter right next to a point of attack. Inside the issue it looked like there was some sort of wadded up you know Fuzzy thing and I reached in the gravity it moves off. Could pull up up up. Well the mouse a mouse in the end of the shoot I think about it when you put issue on it doesn't quite fit you know just instantly stop. What he normally have turned in her foot yet learned you you kick your toes into the concrete of your garage or whatever like. As she just probably dried out alive awarded since last year Renton that pour mouse in the end of that shoot just getting bombarded by. Size whatever their flows just bull bull bull. He said he he. Held the the issue up by his face any was freaking out he dropped the issue. Waiting for the mouse to quote leave. Bouncing go anywhere that's its home its freaked out some news came in and stomped on it wants to get on Adam there. His wife is yelling kill it KLA kill it right moon. So she's freaking out moon he couldn't do any ticket out to the front yard and letting go. That's mistake number two mistake number one was calling it a cure is still like into the Q what's the mouse gonna do though. We're talking about with the mouse gonna do the bike yet it jump and run all are being give dollars and mouse diseases column via. I don't think the Mel's is gonna jump out by chip number two was letting it go. Major mistake why is that a mistake because they're gonna repopulates gonna come back to move back in your house is gonna find a way back in trust me on the I know about these links. You and it killed the island until that now I would of gotten in trouble for it would kill the trio. My wife forgotten so pissed at me if I would kill that. Theory either you're in one camper the other when you find rodents floating around in in your house you were either. In the killing zone or here in the let me go zone if you're in the Latin goes on you're in the wrong zone Jerry Edwards scares you. It alternate Friday at all and Saturday and definitely. And on Saturday night liberate them in my room. And what I've I've heard back home buyer. I snap out of it looks ever bit by it and there's an album out I could hear my wife down with their big runner up. But double down but there. And my wife Mary I've arm looked up and do that he'd be there in on the corner with a growth. What are their corner and a quarter of edit. I I could Wear my head and I had drafted in the corner and I brought it a little bucket. Like these idiotic rhetoric are a little water. Rapid and and but give them out there are well. The there's nothing worse than your wife and platform flip flops doing the PB dance and you know you gotta rush in and do Killen has in the back your mind you knew. I don't wanna touch that damn mouse and ran it. Yeah exactly it they don't wanna burst or couples well our mortgage OJ. Typically open in Hawaii at the home. You know twenty feet away pointing. You don't want. Everybody has something that freaks them out that's than usual may not be that manly and you'd be embarrassed elector friends know that you're scared of things what is it they are afraid of. My and I don't arbitrary date Aaron Mike spoke recently out. I bet you see a lot of of mice you know in the garbage and I didn't. What about rats rats really trip me out to the sides. Well raptors. Bigger my girl ugly girl breathe yeah. You know what's the date that he knows the biggest of the three and they creep me out because they're always on golf courses. Nutria yeah asks. Those damn things look like. Some like a woolly mammoth sometimes come in and improved. I've felt like Ramadan when I'm like that. And when it when I woke up my pro Leonid boot it'll probably around my neck. Where the hell were you sleeping. Robert Berry that yeah. Yeah under federal credit that it yeah I had written about. What that is for you feel that things squeeze all around your neck could be nasty. They gave what happened when you and amounts. All well we've got a couple of that around out dot Salem and I ask you let him go but I. I haven't quite put our pilot and go in the container. You know I've nudged. He says that's the bottom of crap. Is great doubted them bats this way to get rid of mice in your house.