Washington 15 MPH PT 2

Thursday, March 1st

Washingtonians are scared of this side of the river.


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I just happen to notice and then when I was driving the last couple months I dubbed it the Washington fifteen. I get it people are territorial. It's a good thing or bad thing I'm just curious as to why this is going over I'm. Not admitting you have to know exact aren't isn't me on a bad thing era this is me when people are driving fifteen miles an hour below the speed limit I'm just curious pretty dressed as to why the Washington. Fifteen is in effect Nike GO when we. One they're totally agree with you on that. He mound now are under every time I'm on the freeway you know we've seen him you can pick them a half a mile away in the fast lane. Like they're talking to the guy next film for certain miles. Felt that the roller robe like you get those in Idaho Idaho. Everyone drives at the same speed limit to block the hole I never get past them. Yeah well I think they know Washington terrorism. I can imagine what the other day and I you know I think they. They needed just like driving start. And I intend. They're consider emails that him not familiar hey hey I think the well. I kgo and. Hey yeah it's fun to chime in on the pit below are watching using Gloria. You know what do you what do you think are you noticing that are my and I'm making it up. Well in turn make it because I do it these guys are currently speed on there have been an option choked up the road. At the daily commuter light beat Cuba live out in the country about an hour north billion Washington. And it and I you know I don't know I believe it we gotta go to count down their allotment went up the slot to pay you know because it. I don't yeah you can't be honest and we made live a life in the fast lane down here may. Mean we are already your neck of the woods and take a big deep breath and slow down. You've got congestion is that you got to deal Lipton I realized just frustrating that people are trying to get somewhere and live a really important frontier guards of it and trying to generic. They need it. We know we got down there were scared that. I lose. It'll look we look Alec miracle maker are we don't know what's gonna happen good outlet I do it but it but it laid out. Well I appreciate the comment thank you so much. I kgo and what do you think the Washington fifteen true or not. Yes Washington drivers lead earlier than Oregon drivers or even drivers are. Faster and wanna go faster considered lately just in the early enough and I agree on about how are they should be pushed up the road. Well I thirtieth concept men appreciate the call. Mikey he'll and what do you think. Well urged the ball I drive right relenting and every parent these are basically something stupid well that's my favorite part. 90% of the time it's something we'll watch it play. Secondly the blood preparing our brother was limited new York and eat for a car to those star is set them. He blocks app where I want to go to get over it W Atlantic and they go why did you do that aren't up like silently at the best. They are okay. Okay yeah. Yeah. Apparently you have figured that out already that it is subplots. It. You're right I have you're absolutely right and I appreciate you both think you you know that my eyes are opened to a a new reality. It would reality of that. That look AM by their I'll buy it washingtonians only missions they say yeah that happens they feel intimidated by us that we drive too fast over here on the site. They can be completely right it is a little bizarre that so many washingtonians. You don't agree with you I completely agree to review and I had to tell him a little envious I I am I may sell my place and lose the other side of the river because. I wanna slow down a little I wanna breathe a little slowdown. And you're Dirk collected any NTE.