Trophy Injuries

Thursday, February 22nd

Who would think a power drill could cause so much damage?


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Portland's classic rock 923. Kgo and good morning scary boards Rowland here if I'm we were talking with Knight can be resident and UN CAA. Olympian. Odd Jackie one else you're talking a battering. A little weak on my left leg already with them patella issued them. I Miley couldn't and the forces and my lake snapped in Romania before I even crack look pretty clear that I look strong enough to handle that. Everybody has I believe let me ask you that bad believe everybody has. A true pre injury or illness story I have won that pissed off my gym teacher. He would he would like Matt Le manually mad at me what happened I I I we're playing basketball in this is for middle school. Now and and I want to set a screen and a guy. And the guy and it it was like a perfect screen and the guy didn't know that I was there are so he was he was following him then the big guy with the ball. And his head came up in hit me rate above the guy really really hard right. There was blood everywhere you can hear her car. All over the court everywhere might add I ended up we get knocked out in and woke up in at a basketball Jersey on in it was just it was covered. And so I I walked into that to the the coach the values and he was not spoken to them the PE teacher. Any was like. On home man. Go locker room I'll be there in a minute I was there for like twenty minutes. It took me out completely forgot about me and I don't want him back out. He's in jail house and Simone over Andy sent another typical Melanie and I've I've got them in there and hold ms. big giant gash in my head. And they'd take me up to the governors he was so pissed he had to fill out paperwork and got a lot of those people are now and I ended up get like ten or twelve stitches that and so little scar from open. Not that the guy who goes like you know. Crazy and breaking leagues and things you're proving my point oh everybody has a story that wanna brag about it. Worrying and then in 1977. Quite American legion baseball team. And we ended up winning in the national championship. There right number one out of 2500 in the United States. Warm enough to fit your record the final game I'm getting kids the final game of all I do those same. And he's cute and like. Hosted girl from local high school sure around the and the barn go walking by the bullpen. And I didn't have my math. They turn them. And again I would that these two iron and cut me right about Iraq and wouldn't know him content. Dead there's. Then I did that story go hey how the story with your dad how did this happen. Problem hotlines I had to take a look at Dillon read and yeah. My dad would always cool I tell my kids and the analysts and you know some game. Okay equipment out of a. You know we are drunken guy load you know in you know little bag. I can't remember. So for the rest your life is your second people out the kind of put your hand over your figures don't take yourself. An unarmed man that happened in twenty minutes is over. And that is a great story man made and not what your story my friend yeah. We're gonna snowed there are shovel envelope work and. Put in a shovel and hit a crack in the sidewalk. He shoved it right in the mud going and I ended up popped an attorney John Butler. It is. You can't look. That the Phillies are. I didn't end pretty. Really they get what they don't have double in the morning. The guys say you are you win man out of mini golf to get the RD when you are additional snow anymore man. Great story about thank you for the story are AK GON we're talking trophy injury stories would yours. You know pipe laying on the bet. Not forgotten your goal. Role or play in theatre clapped there. Got to a point B and burned out on the play. 38 drill bit broke. And column. He yeah. Okay. It canine or not it's more real I've drill bit right into the Nina Nina and us. All go you know I wanna see as you well here's only questioning how did you have to reverse put it in reverse to get it out. Now you're blanket. What do you do what you think put it revert. Unplug the grill diet to release the drill bit in the role walked out of the raptor with this shot. We the. Out bowling cook. Well that whole area hey look I've used it to you right now we're giving New Orleans. Are you. Don't get it you can't. A drill bit and they named Johnny knew not that that's the line you win. Hang on all right are you aware of audio story. You gotta go out of that slogan and hang on bud.