Travel Heavy

Wednesday, June 13th

Traveling must be tough carrying all of these things.

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How the smell as sweet distraction it's in the air it's everywhere the distraction of summer vacation and some get dirty at a school them get up this week next week I think everybody's out which means summer vacation. Summer vacation. Where it's supposed to agree relaxing very usually turns into out. A bit of a challenge sometimes packing is one of the big issues. I told you between president trump in Kim Jung un. They get together yesterday for a historic summit with North Korea. One of them is a lot like you. It would be Kim Jung un. Kim John Malone when he travels. In traveling was something than usual on don't we all don't we all when we pack up pursue cases. Take something where this that navy's. Your buddies might think. I'd happily travel and when that yeah maybe don't actually need that yeah AI I think that says someone in the norm. Kim Jung on though takes it to the next level he he travels with his own food and toilet. It's his own toilet where you'll now let his best quality quite frankly. Is pretty Smart given what his position is there. He doesn't want his enemies to go through his waste to figure out what is health this guy doesn't even behind it takes it with them. Now this a little secret outside of you know radio. Other radio shows have followed us around back nine. I did it. A purple and did it do try to figure out what to do what our secrets. And our and our Erica what our health as like I like to name any names but you can you can throw whatever you want just got to try to figure out why I have no idea. But that's what he travels with. NFL and beyond your thinking about it in your may be yet rating on vacation. We travel with the odd stuff you eat intakes of the leading man days ago to that you have to take with you. So there was a time when I just recently started doing carry on only everything used to be armed you know checked bags big big bags of luggage. In there was a time where like I go to Vegas and I would take. Way too many clothes because you had to have you know close for the day in the calls for the night Kish off for nice dinner some like that. But I got to the point where I would have this this that display box of like Allman Oprah or some in my watches like a lot of my largest. And I had to take my box of watches with. Your pocket okay we'll watch it because they didn't know which one at one aware on which many. So I did my whole box of them watches is they're like where I would labor flavor is is is here at 7 o'clock around your neck you gotta have it you know. This is the right watch for breakfast maritimes and I would packed more than my wife and that it is not a good night no that is now consider you as there is ludicrous. Chris you said you carry something unusual when you go I'd travel. Yeah I am well I'm gonna trip and I typically only travel to tropical area. I always. And it may sound weird is that my scuba gear because I'm always looking for replacing indicted and never go before. Around well I mean I don't take my tank. But it is like you know I take a duffel bag and have left here. I guess a daily lugging around golf clubs right and it's just do different. It's actually have they actually are right didn't get back out where is the coolest place you've ever dove. It will walk off the beach Juan. And immediately that they need to water heater. Surrounded by all these whacked Ramallah worked well that would be sure why we're we're. And it made it up about it. RNC you know I live my life like a movie you weasel her on the ship tonight you know a Skelton pirate popped out and I did automate it. I oh who now I would be pretty cool to be able to catch something like down on a great adventure now. I don't think. Word the odd man out I think the norm is that somebody takes something unusual now to tell you my wife wherever we travel. She has to take this one pillow from home. No matter an hour ago no matter where we go I believe she has had this pillows and she was a little girl. I mean it is it is about the thickness of a magazine now there's an unbeaten Penn and I'm pretty sure that both the dust mites that are still there are and as they go everywhere we go. Now on the flip side my wife. Used to make me take something every time I would go on. On on the road. When during you know super cross and all those things I was down she used to. Unbeknownst to me pack something in my luggage all the time when we were when I was traveling that was on the road. She used to always. In close envelopes. With pictures in them of her. Somewhat naughty this is like read the availability of dinner and kids gather around. We didn't always live in a digital world yes where we didn't have the ability to fulfill. Are visual needs. Is that anywhere opening it Polaroid Cameras speaker. I'll play. And I I I went through a one time has gone through TSA and you know it's there's an envelope in merits thinks out so there searching you come over here they opened up suitcase thing. I specs. He went through your picture yeah the because it was yeah it did look great thing about it was just sitting in there I'm like yep my wife. I bragging. You know it was like a badge of honor so you work you were happy that you got caught with us and have today column but agreeing on a gimmick the best of a bad situation. Use this with a giant grin as you may tell us your idea I may go lower on the I know what those pictures were what what they were with they were pictures up. They're pretty darn fantastic. That is the secret of the reverse a happy life happy wife happy life. Happy has been why why go out for hamburgers when he got steak at home is is is the bottom line is husband Kokomo for mr. They think that. It's there regularly debts and.