Tommy Thayer - Benefit

Tuesday, May 22nd

Tommy Thayer of KISS will be Rockin The Doug Fir June 2nd

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Lead guitar player for kiss Tommy fair Beaverton boy and Megan and on the big stage is a busy week out over the weekend. He again honorary degree from Pacific university and deliver the commencement speech. Hang out with us throughout the morning today you're here mostly because the other big. Benefit concert that's coming up on June 2. Ellis about it yet dear friend of ours our aims and that Holmes she's been battling cancer for a a year and a half now. And that is. Black and blue drummer Pete Holmes wife. And so we've all been close we've all known each other for years and they really need help because. There's been surgeries and and and procedures in a lot of expenses and and says we've known each other for so long we decided to open net out and do a benefit here tennis lesson two weeks from now it's actually June 2 Saturday June 2. At the Doug fir lounge. And I don't atomic there and friends all star jam getting all the the the great local musicians friends of mine Lotta people that no one net. And we're gonna have a a good old time and put on a show I dug for. On Saturday June 2. Also making a appearances will be black and blue my. My old band and I don't really good. And in and Ike has meant I remember you know weren't the same vintage when you guys. We're gone out dad it was you guys an armored saying you guys are kind of balance out for territory right. Yeah that was in the early eighties and you know black and blue form here in Portland there's five of us and we decided we needed to make the move south that to really try to take a shot and so we moved on to LA 83 we got a big record deal with Geffen Records and sure a lot of people a lot of people out there know this but. We did records and tours and is actually won the the tour is that we are opening for KS that I met Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley back in the mid eighties. But it was a great abandon and the band still exists today that they do a few dates here and there they've got some different guitar players obviously that. We're gonna get together and play together and that we haven't done that a long time so that's going to be something that people are gonna wanna see so we're gonna do a short set also great friends of ours it. A popular band Portland years ago sequel Greg George and and has banned. Are going to be doing some stuff and then of course we have Tom on here my great friend who's been nervous Jenny is an open the show and. And I don't think as well that's it were a new band so it's modern Americana rock and we're looking forward to hit the stage with the everybody. And hand them out is gym at the end it was funny how you guys like all you guys have run in the circle of of rock right. All these years later you're still gathers still connected. And and you see kind of where Tommy's philanthropy. Really is bestowed upon all of you guys do you all get back. Yeah it's been incredible Tommy's been agreed to a resource for the city of Portland. And the area just supporting everything that. That comes his way. I'd like to point out that you know the bans black and blue and Tommy are in the organ music hall of fame which scream and also sequel. That's the Tom Tom on is actually on the board. Of the organ musical fame and he's. As a lot to that he's got a great perspective he's a great musician and he knows. All the good stuff so it's that's their lucky to have him on the board. And it's just great that we all get together and with a common cause and then for love of music and go do something Marreese. A bunch of money for somebody really needs right now. You know it's really interest a much of the dynamic because musicians are like action sport athletes you all you guys all want to push each other out. You know it to another level. But you're still sort of two as our nominee Gelman bend to know he's never heard before right it. You unit you know what are you guys get into that jam right here on stage and you do that guitar duel you know lead back and forth guitar doing that you do wanna kick ass and make it. You're the cool on that all of that leads us to a really a tough question and and it's just way too shy to ask this. Well a lot of people don't know this about Mac. Match quitting musician he is probably the premiere triangle player in the country knob it's important thing here. Pagliuca and bring your triangle at the Olympic drug program that's how. I satellite. Lawyer yet dividends or hate right as you know the guy who plays the triangle has no specifically. And exactly where to hit the trying to get them right note Alex Macau dollar yeah. Like I felt as a day of play your eyes look at that restaurant that asked had two or there on his arm now like that yeah you know I make that had to a better. Hearing him. Yeah. Yeah joke about once a week and if you let it works yeah if it works well guys this is really cool you guys now it come down hang out with us. Early on a Tuesday morning let's the show's coming up June 2 Doug were. Tickets are super affordable to. Yeah we're doing a a 25 dollar ticket and then also. A special 75 dollar VIP meet Greek package where you can come early. You get the details from ticket fly dot com that's where he can by the tickets tickets flight a comet. With the the being Greek thing come down early all be signing stuff taken pictures of everybody. Get to hang out and done than have some preferential seating in the club for the concert be right up front. But it's point five dollars. Get a ticket flight iCombi Dane and I get those tickets for Saturday June 2 for Tommy there Franz of the Doug fir lounge.