Terrys Booster Seat

Thursday, April 12th

Some would call it an insert.


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So FaceBook founder Mark Zuckerberg. Is getting cloud awfully hard on the Internet this morning for using a chair insert. Nice thick booster seat made him look a little bit taller laugh all you want chuckles. Eat eat there is a power dynamic in being taller. Then the people you're talking to you. Apparently. Met with the the other when I was paying attention because you alluded to the fact any video of the kgo and FaceBook page and I got multiple emails including this one from Doug said Terry you have to go look at the page. I've edited around because her words I can use. And it ends with blank and hilarious. That a given away company secrets you can go look at it for yourself. Of what Matt masterfully put together when I I'd I don't even know I you've got the picture when you get the picture but kudos to you you're letting out some of the company's secrets. I thought a booster seat. I don't. Here you are right. Now that the donut that is open the circular foot Matt Matt Matt Matt you're my ability to a little more than ever have to revenue. That. I luckily I finally they're not. Booster seats they really are they're called share inserts. You're always out there from Iran that I'm not kidding you right never I I went all right ever pack there are. Here. Now they have these cynical office like one of the brands has come office lifts. You know all the brands and all of whom I think here and you know your preference. I don't like when he got to be insinuate I'm likely secure in in who I am minute and how I operate and I think it's. Do you. Or it I'm looking for here we love you or it. Thank you I appreciate your love. Weight has been so mean I mean it's Tuesday it's just part of life and not everyone is gonna be over six feet tall man I'll be able most people are barely over five feet you know I've. Earlier or might eat well yeah and hey. Like loud volume lineman named Matt went to look what's up. And authority utilities here inserts. Animal linemen in they're easy to get them maybe I can win anarchy but my wife. There there is an intimidation factor of the little taller than the people you're dealing with leisure Asian. Shabby at all. I'm a professional. You know Jerry answered. I think that's us. Signature line at see I know that these three guys a clown because like I'm not the tallest guy on the planet but I'm on secure. I'm very secure in in my shorten that you are so secure that you need an answer to to look more important the ethnic. Other insert you're not telling us about. How.