Terry has a lame man cave

Thursday, February 8th

Terry's unbelievably bad man cave. 


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When you're the man cave don't you want some than one thing that's cool in there that you you obtain you obtained somehow. That sort of defines you right that's different than your everyday life ever when I was younger the only thing I wanted to in Miami game was like area. I don't like accords like neon. Satellite yeah finance giants know another thing that's. Cool that's where it belongs in a man cave in go. We anybody's gonna go wow that's cool idea that a guy have a friend who has. An autograph pictures Steve McQueen standing next to Allan or. The mustang right that's critical. You got me some cool Lotta grass over the years. Steelers of you know pictures of sailors and play and end in the autograph to like Lynn Swann Rocky Bleier. You've you've you've come through for me and so those are those are available in my man cave when people come at your house and they see they go all that's pretty cool man had to get that rent. Always just think in the only other thing I have in my house that would be considered my man cave cool thing angry and I hesitate to tell you this. I have something from Phantom of the Opera. I I. Thought the I don't you're gonna come over. I mean I knew as soon as you put bush is you're gonna and you know logged into the of the Arab League opener of boots. I'm not putting it is again but it would visit from Phantom of the Opera what it is gonna cool actually if you've ever seen Phantom of the Opera a chandelier falls out of the ceiling of the nano with a venue is. And they have explosions in it for the record this is the one musical you don't I hate. People that eighth is I hated men above. And but the thing exploded and hit me in the head and I managed to hang onto it and I thought it was comical thing but that's not all these chandelier from the yeah it's like an explosive pod that was inside the chandelier and hit in the head now Mike. I'm taking out home. Like getting streamers from the blazer game with a win. Looks like late this. The bar it's all right now what cool thing you have in your main game that could top mice streamers from intimately opera. I don't know maybe I can just littered here Ahmed can expect. Behind by digging had to go live and I need guidance for. Wow how how did you come across those. Well my what I've bought eight tickets do it can't stand your car. Bad job went out to the back yeah it can let me. Deputy musician farm yeah and he did it become aren't they admit it's always good thank. But it is great it is fairly period your entry ban on that you bet. That's really cool and Art Howe well you have. Wow that's unbelievable what a cool thing to having your main case it Berry on never hear. I knew you and you can you can't that is awesome hey thank you for sharing that with us that they don't think anybody. I kgo am which got your main gave. I got in my hand aid and autograph if possible. And oil oil autographed by Arnold Palmer. And like sorry to cut out early goal that. Seems like our listeners have dramatically better things in their man caves and I have in my own good morning what are you having your main K if. There's more it and so I'm in between. Men and K that I had indeed forty gallon. And he chemical fire engine that and Iran a they'd be wired engine. Yet. It's it's basically a click on wagon wheels and its hand drawn and they knew they use. Usually at airports and indeed it's to get this thing out and you go to work with it was a close it kind of approach in exit. Are you one of those guys that are really good with tools and you can restore things. Well this one I bought fully restored I viewed anchor in restoring. Different things I have to. By epic cars as well so but yes it is but I I bought it would village. I think it was in 2002001. That's really interesting I bet Joseph looks really cool. Yes but it is kind of cool it like at that time in between and if so. It's not it's not somewhere that somebody could see it and adapt the way right now it. I don't I don't mean to brag and I don't know if you heard but I I actually use them from Phantom of the Opera. Good yeah it's cracked me up every morning I I so enjoyed listening to you in the morning and yeah I'd get back yep it's great it is it's we go to in the morning and then when I'm getting toward the end. I looked bored and it was an anti Everhart. Well I appreciate you saying then just for the record what YouTube classic cars. The Levitt 65 and Paula and then I have it. 1985. Monte Carlo SS. You really really cool cars while. He our listeners have a lot of cool stuff in their in their Mankins is an overture overseas see while I got to wrap this up and you know thanks for the offer from streamer and then. As mastectomy to wrap it up has got to go home and re wallpaper my Mankato how.