Terry cant find happiness

Thursday, August 16th

"Mandated" happiness.

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I don't know where Hamptons for guys it's hour along line we lose. That censor what makes us happy. So much so that I happen to peak over the shoulder my wife couple weeks ago and they it is becoming sheer nightmare for the last two weeks she was on line. And it was looking for one of those self help thing she determined. That Iowa where I wasn't happy when. So issue's gonna give him our homework assignments and work I'll get happy. Several of the things that we've already hit zero hours a television were on this list that's a tough one. Two liters of water a day easy to do. Take three breaks during your day five to ten minutes. It's a tough on I bet you that a lot easier than you think it is it's it's damn Alec I'm trying to try to find it there and there's just a lot going on amino weeknight here. TV and I have other things going on go for a walk for five minutes. Go for a walk you go walker in this building shore for five minutes would be a big deal. Does he get really get up and take phone calls. Short put your phone down. Digs go for a walk five minutes doesn't count if and if I Markkanen talk and at the same time does that count as a brake not really does it all depends on the way here we're talking to what about you know you had some you wanted to say to match. Is that that about market take a bath or so the light. About what the hell. Take a bath and I think. Now you know isn't as bubble bath yeah candles and a little photo editor. Or I don't like you know as a guy that you know as a guy. There are times when you just wonder what the hell has happened I cannot I don't know it makes me happy anymore true or false. Well that's absolutely true art our level light. Misery. I I. Up its own so that you. You can absolutely relate to this so let me just let me give you a couple more that he these jams my wife now has me working on as if I need another job. Are right here are all right so it she says now I need to take four deep breaths a day. I ask your decide when I went. Does that count because aren't honest to god beat these are things apt to do. I now I have to make up a list of six reasons to be grateful at 6 AM. Really yeah I say well I'm an already been up for three hours so. The fact that I now continued my string of continuous days of being alive is one of them right at the here Arab and then. I come in here I have a lot of fun doing the show I really do that I'm always my happy is when I mean here I really am Matt might much. I got here my did an occasion that. But I am that I happiness are my happy as. Now here's the thing that she puts in front Meehan says it's 7 o'clock you have to draw a line between home and work he got to cut it off. For us you gotta ratcheted back by like you were three hours to go to bed so early. That's a really difficult thing to view but I think it's a probably the right thing to do. If patent. Fight yet our. Are let my girlfriend is not apparently because I would vote via that say it right there at ball or this year are you got to on the way to be happy. I thought I was happier in people's work telling me to be helped me a sense of reminding me I'm not happy and or. Whoever orbiters are. So you know we're talking about man and acted as the next that's the next thing on this she'd dump my wife is giving news homework assignment. Appreciate the call my friends there I have a great day guys outlook it via.