Terry Brother Update Karen Frampton

Tuesday, June 12th

The search for Terry's half brother takes an unexpected turn.

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Thank you to everybody. Everybody. Who helped kind of pushed me past my reluctance seek. To find my half brother. I changed my mind based on listener advice. You guys kind of convincing me hey you've got to go down this journey one listener in particular her name is Karen Frampton whose on the phone with us this morning. She is singlehandedly. Taken on the challenge to find my half brother Matthew. First or really wanna thank you Karen for put in the time but he got to ask why are you so good at this. I was adopted all well and so I challenge my biological parents and then them. You know what they're all the research and all that kind of stuff. Back in and out thirty years ago twenty years ago whatever it was when Oregon opened up their adoption records I had a name. So with you we have a name and we have your Brothers your house provisioning. And all out so he is very carefully chance are going to be notified him. Yeah you know you know and a look at it easy you and I I'm not putting the pressure on you hear that really tipped me over. To go and start searching for a because I've been pretty emotionally blocked on this. For a couple of reasons one. I got sold you kind of changes my perception of my father which I've gotten past that Reid figured it out ran. But here's the here's the part that scares me and it's something that you sent me just a little while ago via email. I sent three pieces information to you last night but from my mother than my mother sent me and have you managed to find my half brother's mother. Now well. And she she died in 1987. Into. The one that issue is his mom actually passed in 87. Which already makes me feel really bad in my stomach right now I'll tell you why because that would mean that my half brother. Doesn't have any more blood relatives. Because my father passed away or his mother passed away I'm only half sibling. Tim but I guess still blood were brought blood relative rent. But she gonna have more kids than he can have another half. Not as important as me her. That was genuine. And fell apart honestly that Dan isn't. My biggest fear there were gonna get to the end and mound now on getting excited and I am I'm curious. And I'm I'm hoping. That. He's still with us. What he was born in 61 I would want. 61 so I mean it's not like you you know ancient or anything so it could be good chance he's stellar. BA just scares me as mother died very young and he in 1987 you know I'm just and and I have no idea what she passed away from bud. That seems inordinately young. We've got to figure she ought to ban. Issue as if she had him and 61 in their senior year. She was eighteen years old in office he would be would have ban would be in her seventies. Today but not in 87 in 87 she would be in our forties and sort of are pretty young. So what do you think the odds are that we're gonna find Terry's half brother. Now we've got a really good should have and you know we've got a lot of information and yelled we're gonna find him. Well I had take hearing I cannot thank you enough I for sure at the very least though you had dinner or something really cool. I don't think I mean I hate I'm really do you and I mean this not only to you but all the listeners they're really gonna push me to go down this journey. I I genuinely have changed my tune in the last Donna and a 78 days about. There's an excitement. Two of through fighting as it is though because someone else is doing all the leg work Terry. Odom are lazy do you really think I am I'm not doubt lazy. Is it it was one of those things where. Maybe this is one of those things it's easier for someone else to peel off the out layers of the onion and it is for the person with inside of it. It is it emotionalism it's exciting it periods in all it. I get out. Well all I can say is carrying you you are quite the sleuth and really appreciate you taken us on this journey. The thank you Allan. And hopefully I'll be LDW tomorrow with some really good news. Not a good idea I'm alone those put his arm open is going to be really get. There's always that question mark right and it and it and it's. I hope this isn't just to self serving. Is it too self serving. I think it's interesting I think there's a lot of people out there that have family secrets like this that it or have whether it's. You know blood relatives out there or just things that have popped up in their life where they've won in two research. What's gone on in their family means is knowing more about your family that's why in the very beginning I was shocked that you worked curious. But he didn't have any kind of curiosity their eggs from me. I would wanna know all the details about him.