Terry at a blazer game

Tuesday, March 20th

What's wrong with offering a stranger your beer?


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Good morning to steer rewards Roland teary IMAP I mentioned the blazers had a question for you because I'll readily admit I'm a fair weather fan not the biggest basketball fan. Can I move the blazers in the mine busted brackets. Half past as the team could see double yes and it did take it all because manner they general thirteen. In a row right in a golf for fourteen tonight against Houston. Had they they really do you they've they've they're moving in the in the the power rankings to their moving up places some places have them as number one in the in the league right now as far as. In other hot as their bit there on fire now but they are playing the rockets tonight which is a very difficult team to play. I know you followed team I I'll really start following a team. If and when. Playoffs happen the problem that is that there's a good chance that you just phone for short amount of time it I. And that's why I wanted to ask you can zoom in your marijuana I really got on the blazer. Bandwagon. 45 years ago right now means so much so. I was literally driving through the desert from Las Vegas to lake have received good good TV show. And I pulled in the parking lot of like the only gas station I was out there. It's plays called terrible threat to anyone has ever made that tracked its MM it's the last stop for hundreds of miles across the desert. But the M bar and casino hub and how splits into the game. On the radio and it was great. There always though the game were a little weird made that three pointer with point three seconds two win the game right and nine and that was like such gavels. Speeding through this again the day it's like cal many of our such as the town right because California Nevada. And Arizona they're all you drive through him in my 25 feet and it's loaded with cops. From all three states you know looking for a speed trap. I skated in the parking lot of rain and I got to see and I'm not im actually make that shot and our side are right. I mean in a 100% with the blazers. You look at the memory got from once in the blazers Lewis into those right after you into your first blazer game too because you never been to a professional doing out here which you know. Gary hold on he backed the bus up. Eager gonna go to middle America I know yeah you are I know Yorkers were against. Rarely do I rarely do I man fell. Rarely do I went well you would do professional sporting events and you say who made a new spark a mixed view paid more attention to your computers and I did in this fashion he clips some that should guide it all about. His fashion. Is a brand then you started offering up your bureau would you could have shrink your beer here originally but. It's awkward like I can't take you play I didn't know I didn't know what the correct blazer and it it was I was trying to be polite doesn't somebody else's it's the living room for the night blazer etiquette it's just etiquette it's back as the Fed credibly elected him at three things are going on one. I was in new beat you on surrounded by super tall guys are a completely different them normal environment. And three yes some guy you gave me the seat I don't likes when I go places. I like to sit and it's the people now are really weird I know I'm weird. At n.'s Dan was just polite he was nice and like I didn't know what to say is is that. You hear it is awkward it was like it was like almost like a mandate like in a weird way not a good day a day but it was it. I I was a loss for words and don't say did you get a phone number no. Is that it. The way you pay better out there we didn't it happen anywhere in me your kids Santa Claus melon you tell us pretty there was in the even close or just being you know what. Do things and never go out of style please and thank you yeah polite.