Telsa Guitarist Frank Hannon checks in with his old pal Bill Prescott

Thursday, September 1st


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Okay frank let me bring you on to our final station kgo and here is they'll press guys go ahead bill. Frank cannon the name sounds familiar. The yeah man I can't believe it's okay. Did you even know I was back in radio. Yeah I don't know I I just I just spoke with about 28 million guys and I have a list of inferno may end. They'll just I was not on the list. No I. Yeah I'd I'd buy it was bad I'm emailing emailed solace morning and it's that will goodwill or fold bit I can ask you a minute ago. If you tell who it is he might say yes so. But I talk to you in a couple three years I don't think he knew I was actually back in radio you knew it was that the police department has you will bunch back then but yet they suck me back. I've been following him and I went FaceBook is that it's usually that you're doing more these yourself. I was doing mornings here in fact I remember one of the trips when you came through I think with poison around 1990s. But poison canceled the show so you had a night off so we I drove we all over the place and we went up to a place you like called. That hill which is skeletal crest park. And that with us actually can ambient chill and behaving at night as far as I can remember. Has there been one of the few guys we because. Well an ever people are listening to turn up the don't know I haven't known you for thirty years I was the first DJ have to do my own or monogamy chances to do this I was the first DJ to ever play Tesla on the radio. Four out of five you were in the studio when it happened and who knew what was gonna happen but it sure did. It's really good and let you know the first one to blame mechanical resonance on the radio and and better than historical fact. And I was inside into another doubt about the thrill of hearing your song on the radio and she was playing rub on as we were speaking and I can hear it. And you know I'll never forget the first time ever they're not a big where it was on your show. Those are such good times and take a look at your press release here because the mechanical resonance live. Was released last week and yeah I got today came out and it's all about the new studio trek which we'll talk about in his second but. I have to quote you hear directly thirty years later in the songs on her first album still rock making this new live album of mechanical resonance was a reminder. Of the innocence and creative beginnings of Tesla now while that might all be true. I have to pilot were innocent. Because they're. This was 1986. Is 87 issue we were not very innocent back then were older and wiser now. And if we if we were to hang out after a show would more likely get a Pellegrino an event so that at. Yeah I think it's important essential government and this is became majority. I think I haven't gotten more about my age you know I was really. Team went ahead you. You know playing in the crowd as a sixteen year old movie and experiencing some of those things bad. It was pretty intense at this song. Actually we're pretty mature emulates yeah it is a lot of big Babylon is that we were good at writing was. You know retirement and that break out of it. Well I remember over the months that we hung out together you know being between two words while I was still living in Sacramento you pretty much taught me how to play every song from mechanical resonance on guitar. We met the late night in the. Here we did it even more we were behaving were just great times but I can't believe it now we're celebrating the thirtieth anniversary. With this live set I've heard it it absolutely rock they noticed the order a little different that's probably for concert stuff I'm guessing. My dad that is because the cause there was definitely if I was there ever if Duncan at first album is on that problem lies. And got a clean with the most difficult one that was the last so we did anything notices a little jam at the end of their. And I remember being in your apartment 1987. Jamming on that and you're having me should be adequate. That you can vividly I was reverse some fun guy. Well I noticed on the light version you brought out the talk box that. There's an inside joke about I believe might have been a co producer and engineer for the first Tesla album and you took a global. Good natured jab at him in the form of a talk box phrase because they're kinda hard to understand if you don't know what you're listening to. Yeah I a mission and they let that they did you know that was certainly blew it out as bad. Yes you can expect that there. Yeah that. Yeah and now is again being young and crazy and I'm just trying to. Trying to prove yourself and it's amazing when you're young he you really striving to. Gave it climb your way out of the bag you know. But you know what's awesome is here it is thirty years later. I mean Tesla has been off the idea off the globe for a little time back in the day I remember playing down the Sacramento won the same 99 for your reunion showed that about right. Yeah that is bad at the Eisenhower. Has been. We need a broken up. And that I insight into lately I wish that I managers are so limited just let us take a break. Instead we actually did the break for five years. The low point of my life. You know and it was the typical. You went all the but all all the bands make that mistake they. And and then to get back together and now sixteen years later. We've gotten to a point where we're back in the in the big house who with Def Leppard and honesty regimens. In the boutique again. Let's make sure we mention those concert they Tora talk and because you're on the road with it's just glorious we were getting Def Leppard. You're not going to be in Portland proper but you're gonna be south in Eugene that's on Friday September 30 and mapping that arena. And Saturday October 1 at the Tacoma dome I'm sure I saw you would they're probably a wanna say. Opening for Motley may be doctor feel good does that ring a bell. Yet privacy go. To do Cotto is still standing up. It sure is. It turn and the Kingdome is long gone but yeah the Tacoma dome still standing but no I'm sitting here it. It's 2016. I'm 58 years old that makes you probably fifty. Give or take a year right. Yeah exactly and look at Tesla is still rock and I'm in radio I just went to Jeff Beck concerts a week ago I saw Steve Miller Sunday night. Touch tonight I'm gonna see bad company and 38 special I mean it's like what year is this but it's really kind of it's kind of encouraging and invigorating. It's very closely and I think those songs and and that means that consistently young. I mean you sit there has been I don't even thirty years and also. 1920 year old kid and or maybe makes a lot of the same mistake that as far as. The music is mentioned in the end I just didn't mention that you're gonna go yeah and there's songs last. Wherever it is that is that something bad when you're young in the making okay. And exactly and I've known you so long and we've known each other so well that I'm actually doing my best not to. Because we unite. The stories all of which are true are awesome I mean from that delightfully harmless like when you. And Christie just came and visited me at my hotel at Disneyland and we just kind of hung out and be petted the dog and we went to house of blues for lunch to the decadence on the other extreme of that but I was thrown in here every few years and I'm grateful for that. And I am grateful to those devise a great friend and and supporters of the ban in it and find I mean you can't invent some mixed together. There are a lot of political showed resolve. Press guts showed you bet Mehdi. And yeah as we we played the Roseland. You know and. Open for you we opened for Tesla one of those gigs in the matter fact yeah. Yeah. So you don't do impressions of him out of it didn't execute suddenly everybody's. Yeah we are seeing him actually seen them since they seniors I need to see you next I come to Eugene can we have snags him Ben don't wanna Pellegrino sometime during the evening. Should manage and I promised there will be no alcoholic cocaine involved. Some things are best left to the pass in other words I don't know what you're talking about but it you know this. It the ticket aggression built. Well amid I'll save that former off the air because that's going to be just in building you and me. But. I do I wanna be good broadcaster and talked about save that goodness. Which is the one new song on the Tesla mechanical residents live thirtieth anniversary the album and you guys have a long history with Def Leppard on obviously remember all of one of the greatest thing that ever happened to Tesla. Was the exposure you've got opening for them on the hysteria tour and I know you've been friends and you shared management and you remain friends. With the guys in the band over the years and you're out there with the right now. Now but Phil Collins he produced do you writer also were just produced that are both. I can run at introducing it and he also came up with the idea of doing some mechanical residents. Lives. It just went Chicago last year and became president of the eyes. Yes let's just looking good throughout and I've been a fan of yours since we played together in Amsterdam in 1986. I think my ideas and so saddest he just. Stood there and and not as bad as that was brilliant. And one otherwise you know as well as to record album and that that this song I think this that you typically. It was a fight regardless of flight rules and there were a lot of muscle was that it was back in the eighties had no idea to have the passion protest led the band. You know you don't go man he measures that address apple logo and then there was some energy into Cleveland. And he was right we've been doing that we've had followed his lead as a coach and it's it's been great as well located you know. Just released a point where where this kind of Stadler moon and I mean charter on things then when you bring it out as coach into the mix it makes all the difference in the world. I mean we both know that Aerosmith rocks wouldn't it sounded as good without Jack Douglas at the knobs. It's just too nice text begin to mean at the knobs Phil's gonna produce a full Tesla album right. Yes sir. And we know what actually happened down there we've been recording an adjustable loans that Ryan wheat as his computer. And we just plug straight man and we we've been hammered out on their lives in the jugular on the road which is. So cool because there's a lot of down time I go on the road and we pick the best civic and. Good see we weren't so productive without downtime back in the day but now you're making you seven that's awesome. It struck yeah. It would give me a favor and I love they'll call and he taught me actually had to play the song hysteria on to card backstage or that game we did an Oakland GM gone off the rails again. There's pictures of that on FaceBook where where atomic Tommy was there and Phil from Def Leppard with their new and Brian were there and we were and oh why anti drummer we are older and all those jams remember that night. I've ever that we yeah that's well do you know you're there that. And we shouldn't have played a little bit. Yeah yeah Lucy. But did you get here tell Phil Collins. Journey wearing it now we have a we got to catch as. I thought it was a club they might have been both. And yes on the think you've been Justin Bieber till Phil Collins quit working out he's making the rest of us look bad. I don't think race should. Unbelievable unbelievable conceal our age will look buddy thank you Burton get me in the morning here at the last minute because that was my problem in communicating with cell and all that but. Might wanna remind everybody. Think what happened that opportunity ever send register at Riviera. That was coming there's Lou looking forward to a and that in Iraq and. All right I'll take you about burrito and and I don't one month burritos and depth in Manitoba and thinking of harmless things to do I get lucky around you look campus and show you my first radio station immoral the decadent used to happen to that's right. That's right calendar radio and finished college and Matthew Knight arena's right on the our university Oregon campus. We had go a period here available when you're off work to come over to the subject around 4 o'clock and coming out there. That's Japanese car had been healthy living out who'll play guitar and addressed him percent. All right I'll be there. I didn't pick up over a cheaper mockingbird. Always said logos on it. In they play these little sheep vote because like I don't achieve leave them out. It's yeah. And it could have been played a cheap Mexican strap lately. There's an entire collections kind of gotten bigger event. I'm the devious that's a Friday so I don't have to have a Beagle go to our radio show the next day's like and stay up past 7 o'clock. Well thank you my friend frank cannon from Tesla Simi soon. Well right now and they'd like to admit. Say that goodness and Tesla with Def Leppard and Dario speed wagon that the uniter reed arena in Eugene Friday September 30. And Tacoma dome Saturday October 1 thank you my old friend. Thank you and cheers with you know Pellegrino. At the bud. And I will take your body but for now.