Tales from the Lyft - Cheating

Monday, July 16th

You never know what you're going to hear when you drive for a living.

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Everybody's looking for their side hustle on May be your everyday hustle I mean you know say your own hours pick up your own money in doing things that you're doing anyway coming on right did and everything to lift drivers we met. In in that short amount a window that we are going back toward the blues fest right wing Matt a mother who has five kids yet and that was debts are gay men drive in ten hours today. And then we met a second mother who told us the most incredible story Dan I think could be the launching pad for a new segment because of your driving people. You have a story they can certainly send us your stories to carry TE RRY kgo and dot com and call us as well. Or use and a girl who works here at the radio station name is Ashley to put a voice to the story that our lift driver told us that I thought was one of the most amazing stories I heard. Former first night on the job. They are the warriors of the late night the captains of convenience that gets you from point a to point B with just a particular thing. They all have stories to tell about you. These are the opinions of the live. Today's hail from analysts. Sleepy can be. Be very dangerous. I picked the man and a woman that I just seem to be boyfriend in golf and they've both had Jay and I think each Leon though with that is that the hairstyle they get in the morning that clip that shows clearly what it happened the night before. As we were under way there and realize they're not actually boyfriend and girlfriend. I'm driving them say he's girlfriend's house. This coincidentally. Enough her best friend they were coming up with a multitude of scenarios trying to explain to her what had happened the night before. None of which had even a shoot for head of hope that either one of those relationships are gonna survive as. It just goes to show that. Some things are probably better last kinds. That. Swearing gets interesting right because we editor conversations. With the driver myself and Matt none of us were in the same camp on this is when people get caught. Cheating actions they get caught when they're caught then you're busted. But when your round and around that guilty conscience. And you know what you've done you know what the parties have done. Who's benefiting from that when you go in spill your guts is that a selfish thing. For that person to do because all you're doing is clearing your conscience. Or is it the right thing to do to end up creating an enormous amount or heard on whoever the person is that you're cheating Baier coming clean. For you it's fantastic that you have this you of this clean conscience. It's an interesting conversation has none of us were in the same camp. You dimes ages may you have different take than I have on it and and it's it's one of those things. That happens on a fairly regular basis based on just you know divorce statistics and break up statistics there's a lot of cheating right at the top Amanda is this almost is like a segment for you make the call on Monday morning around 8 o'clock am. And it'll run out on Monday do you Chansi Chiming give your opinion. And you were advised his you know there are people that are on both sides of it though listen in right now moon. Might be painful they may be past that may not be bitter anymore. Monday morning after eight will will revisit this.