Tales from the Lyft and feedback

Friday, August 17th

Getting better at your new job

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We started the segment called tales from the lifts it has to do with with drivers uber driver's cab drivers from which by the way it it would pay homage to you. Does have an interesting career you're really deal and you never know which you're gonna get data today. Kind of came out of the whole blues fest parking was a little tough downtown and so we would often men were taken lives back and forth for the the days of the blues fest. And everyone and with drivers are the most amazing stories they were just really really interest in all over the map amendment to one of them that was their very first day ever driving left and it already has some crazy experiences. You can always email your stories. Of your tales from the lift to Terri TE RR YPG a when dot com. Well would you credit and we being human good review right we did we can we pop on. Think that day there's there's a way for you get semester starts right from so it's Terri TER or Y kgo dot com. Now we knew we needed a different voice. For the segment and it just lined up a big believer in you need to train you were your replacement right now. All of us have had a helping hand somewhere it didn't matter what you do for a living somebody came along. And helped you. Move up the latter right. I think matter yeah I think everyone has experienced that there is a young lady that works here her name is Ashley she all she wants to do is being on the radio. She really she moved out here. Pack your bags and landed in Portland with hopes beginning on the radio and bold move. We figured it was you were shot let's try let's see let's see if she can. Sharpen your skills now. Now you guys as friends of the show in very kind and supportive. In trying Q culture give her feedback positive. Encouragement and you know forceful. Critiques right. Yeah with the exception of friends show Allen who last week and I is burned in my brain. Come on guys I've given this enough weeks if this week isn't and he was saying next week. If next week isn't a 100% better. Time nick cutter looks. Number pretty harsh oh we we got funny responses back about it so this is the cut her loose woody. At least. In the terms are friendly show Allen and you know European your opinion does count here so here we go tales from the lift. Or the warriors of the late night the captains of convenience that gets you from point a to point B with just afflicted we're paying. They all have stories to tell about you. The spores that news of the man. On this week's hails from a list. This hits home. Come I was dreading it very handsome guy has stamina good looking guy from the airport we're coming back. And the conversation was that the entire waves break conversation we talked about this match. And mommy lefty a lefty is number in the comment box in the comments section you can. Rape and he can leave comments whenever it may be whether they've added I think. Really ending much of it on the than a couple days it is. It's top of mind so I gave him a call. We met up for coffee and then one thing led to another and I ended up staying the night Cano hang home have been naughty girl but yes yes it just goes to show there are benefits is driving. And writing. Left. They that's gonna change a lot of beat people's opinions right on that new guy world. The fact that now I know that Ashley is naughty there is going to young guys who drive and right now long gone and owner heightened get actually give me Alessio we heard he had so many people saying she is. Everybody yeah you know she's a little breath he she talks a little faster issue hot issue. Guys food is she got through injury got booed if she got yes she's hot she always has a bag of McDonald's burgers and Eric croft they're ready for. The nuggets didn't really important. Exactly it's Australia you know I've always get in the drug there is there's there's a full bar. Freddie show Lee says she's getting much better don't give up honor. I'm scared I thought I would agree with Lee you know sometimes it just takes a little bit of time to give. A skill set developed a scam it's been five maybe six weeks that she's been doing this. Pride to show drew. That actually still needs to slow down not a fix is a lot of that PS is she hot. Stand and says screw Allen Ashley is great she's only gonna get better keep up the good work guys so. Odd couple pieces of feedback a friend of the show rob wants Janet what's going on rob. Hey guys. Is I'm a word. Actually use the album too much at that may they last week it was because getter on the spot alive but she does that there recording session to. You need to eliminate that threaten the awkward bomb because it is broadcast that's fair. I think it could be right arm in Africa the at. Yeah that's good that would be a thing I noticed the well. Is there anything positive that you like about it. Our idol I like here sultry bush it's the fact that she not me and net. That's real that's always grin lit and a awkward I'm kind of make people. Down here don't unprofessional. Would it be better if there was an H in front of them all month. Do you think would be better and I'll yeah. I think I may see who did work it out there get it out of there and let. And that's maybe machinery of his wrote in the story where there are kept writing I'll lose my guess. I. You're right you're right that can be part of that appreciate. The the feedback. If we thank you guys do great job. Thank you very much and I apologize it said rob it's Ron and so I apologize again time for one more they're really quick female perspective. Friend to showcase says. Ashley has a nice sounding voice. Definitely a good voice for radio voice overs she needs some work though I don't know she's taken any voice glasses but when I was in college one of the courses I had to take was voice and speech. The course taught proper breathing proper projection accents and most importantly. If broken so bad vocal habits the worst happens it seems to have or taken all the country is the vocal fry. Ashley who narrate your stories does the awful vocal fry. It's unpleasant to hearing completely breaks the fourth wall I can't listen to were words when she Fries or records. I highly recommend she take a voice and speech class at a local college. I do you think you've got to do very well though so vocal fry that guy like that thing when they're talking. It's not just win and it's data don't yet know it but yeah it's like it's kind of did theirs is that would have. Type sound happens as they're so much I brought it yeah Delhi Prague to grind it out at the end so a lot of good feedback this week. Four actually our baby broadcaster she's our project are broadcasting project. I think we'll keep around at least another week based on just the feedback and that's an Allen you can you can just socket that's that are model and Dhaka.