Summer Camp

Thursday, June 21st

That one time at band camp?

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It might be getting ready right now to send your kids off do you summer camp the heartache. The pain and all over the they're probably getting homesick you're probably gimme give kids that you know I mean that it Eagles full circle. My personal experience in camp was horrendous only well once I tried to break my own angle to go home how far into the Camping World where you. And how many nights. I was nine hours and I want alienate him and the unions now now. Now your naming given at the old tropic I didn't I didn't wanna be there. And I felt a I'm not right in the head what was the bus right like out to camp there was no bus ride my parents drove me out there and then I just remember Paul up to this place and it had a big fans surrounded. You go on his office. I really felt like I was being punished I really did I think jail yes. Like we're all right or wrong man it was one of those things man it just ended up happening you know and most people's experience with the campaign. Has been. OK I guess. Good morning Kurt. Nine all her long time with her good morning give lines what's your name first time collar lockyer chop job when he had to say shots. Well I'll tell you what I had a wonderful. Climate camp spoke in L or any Ryan Parent and not get rid of me for the summer. IRobot migrate unity and and camp so it was a wonderful. And he was out part of the pamphlet that they're gonna go yeah yeah. I had a little bit from Tampa than McNair as. It was Hewitt. Camp counselor that won't. And I didn't know what to do but I certainly learned and amp Webster every decent and I'm I'm 62 right now and I think the matter. 01. While that now see that's pretty amazing that degrades or each got Jesse had I gone to that camp. I probably would have tried to break my own ankle to go home. I went the next year. And she was going to be there she wondered but it still had a good time again I was I was practicing what I learned the first. How. Keep in camp experience done. They judge I appreciate you listen in men have a great day Arab community guy Barack and Rickie thank you I Biggio led. I there I went there at the motto. Every year it has had locked it had a great. You know I I don't know if he'd just heard. Listener Josh I am I I doubt you had the same experience but what is your greatest partner your best experience about camp. Are learning to ram and via life start. So he doesn't like the wholesome things they put in in the paint in the ambler campus. Where where'd challenger Al went I don't think they could put that in the pamphlet. Oh. He he certainly learned you know it it'd be like going to it's like getting a bad dreads like if you're in the scalp through that that the deal yeah. Get a little summer romance yes he did it was it was. Cut off on king how mean can you go at 23. You can go to camp as an adult I'm glad you brought that up. So if you're gonna go to camp as an adult Matt would you go to like rock can't break where you can become a rock star over the Finnessey camp renowned Las Vegas sure. You could be go to cooking camp we get winds like we learned to cook and you know maybe go to wind can Wear you drink wine yeah. I'm for warning you and that if you are a sensitive. You may just want to temper when I'm about ready to share with you. Listener to pony. Says I haven campus a kid. But I'll love it as an adult. My wife and I went to the ultimate adult camp. Hedonism resort mom. Are you familiar with the hedonism resort and I wanted to make that you do have never been there have been. Hot hot hot hot. For the seal who may not be familiar with the hedonism resort iGoogle that. Over here and work can yes I did wind. Up for a couple funny about it. He is a resort is an island in Jamaica I believe it's like a subsidiary. Of and I don't know this for sure but it appears of the sandals. Company I might be wrong you know we sell those commercials in families rollicking on one side of the island. On the other side of the island. Then families are being made. Room. With lots of people now apparently is like a swingers island. Yeah you know more about it than I do like this goal late in a let's look at that. That's a hole in treating different thing isn't it that's a camp I would love to talk to Tony I don't call him but I would love talking anyone who's been hedonism. I can see go on there. With a girlfriend maybe. Another wife I don't think so I don't and it'd be a girlfriend that you're just about ready to. That added up would. But I mean the advice about his various. Well yeah had to be completely emotional leader that that was the fact that it's. Here's my inside voice outside in the through a microphone into the entire city. A kid. I need to rethink my thoughts were Molly gimme just his second to.