Speeding Tickets

Tuesday, August 14th

There is a unicorn amongst us.

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There's a dude got 46000. Dollars. In traffic fines and just four hours Matt had made a statement that you know there are people out there that have never been pulled over I think that's crazy there's not a chance in hell. Law on hold friendly show blue. Says he's ready to chime in. The show yet I gotta wait for. My. My mother has no control over not one time you know GQ 77 years old one ticket or support ticket. And she never wants people over. Do you think that she's holding that back premiere like she would she doesn't what do you think ill of her 'cause I find it almost. Impossible to believe that you haven't somewhere in your lifetime and officer just caught you doing something out of the ordinary pulls you over. Well those are like a member kit and took our order extinction people. She should try it is terrible. Yeah exactly and I didn't think it's funny and that's exactly right blue appreciate it gone my friend and thanks for listen. You have agreed gave thanks for I did you lands on man eight bit art I've got picked it hurt or did you hear it sure. They. Burst that your iris drive it in here oh burst that my body be it good or acting. Thank god I'm so glad you're not my son put that in about a slow expense and a. What a frustrating you know I don't think that may be broke a bet on Saturday or we. What's all the wrecks and accidents and drive that ended so made that our team yet another ticket for 98 you're in July that year. Okay. At this particular. Notebook after a week later. I got erect. They did you take that class for four weeks I would imagine take a class for four years. Now I know I've obviously they are good that they decry the but I anywhere and I'd I'd stood at bat that many people outside record back irony in my ball. And I bit my dad worked on the street blocked the way I look at air gonna come back to it area. That figured out yet I'd like god. What does it yet I would give it deep in debt not walk out like you are out Altman. And eat our debt in airport and never got it in the mail and letters in my life by reverend. Later that. I do in these days our all all right now I. Here Howard I got several people on the line and I just got an email from friend of the show Freddie said what roads you drive on on a regular me. Well a the odds as well John Howard Phillips threw. It. That is Seattle again if you're a Tutu watch out for Howard good morning kgo and what's going on. I remember a lower kind. Gone. Are you anyway. I knocking out. Are. There. How long have you been driving in those 53 years and probably more anti Nugent twenty a little usually start of it. Yeah report where it need never made her pull up behind you pulled your forum poll about expired registration. Not in. Or did you ever. And not. That and you know I think he can. It is taking you twice as long to get everywhere that everyone else is going. No I Eric maniac. Who in the hell are you getting away with it. I know I don't know. Back I'm not human life you know what I'll look out. That's that's I I have to tell you meant to mean that is worthy beginning not again as it's worth in theory Boyd's world book record for sure. Yeah do you mind if we put you into the book of records. When it what is your first name again. Jamie you are going into the Terry Boyd's world Booker who we do that every Wednesday by the way at 740 we're gonna put you in early. He has higher I would never in a million years think there is such a person as you. On this planet that's never been pulled over. I'm sure there's more than one you know I can bust also. You did the balls to call we appreciate cabinet and that also would get you into the book of records as well. Have a great morning. You wonder what it's like from the cops perspective is there's probably cops that I really really serious. On night. 73 tickets and I'm getting I'm stopping crime right. Do you think that there's an officer listening right now that's going I'm fine team. Yeah over the yeah I mean first with the for their role is the big thing is there's probably the flip side. I'll see as the top UCL says the ugly difference. And in our personalities. Doubt there's there's the guy who's you know it's his gig Lazio Hillary takes everything into consideration he probably let's. He's fair share her fair share on beaters go down the road based on. How clever they her. Excuses. Is an uncle and I could be wrong but I think they're hurting now landed on there at that. Level again I want to get in my entire life. It's one I should have gotten it should have been a big one and only recently got out of it is because McCain's Whitney I'll fill in the details next.