Snow Calls

Wednesday, February 21st

Driving IN The Snow Is Not For Everyone.

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Good morning it's theory boy drove do our best day in and out today is as safely as possible good news is roads are pretty light some roads better than others what's going on. Period that are out. Or bite you now on that'll. Which is between you know plain and where it started right. Like coming out now we're getting that Sheen on it in the background. Slushy snow returned about art wide right. Basically everywhere it. That's perfect for donuts I'm just Diane I just I had perfect for doughnuts in a parking lot right. Just make sure that are not absolute divider actors and. Brewers okay it's the biggest results on August or smacking into him. I get about it. I merits we were on the air one time when I used to have a big excursion right we put everyone for marsh go in Dubai excursion were slide around the parking lot here. I mean we work here you would think we know that their speed bumps that are to block right and caught one of those things guys who are almost rolled it in almost rolled it. And yeah they are rolled my car and I got fired from my job all the same day for being stupid. Hey thanks for the update have a great day. Mendes is safe I'm never I'm never gonna happen I'm never hit a corrupt men and not the brightest. Diana plan and our goal loaded into see trying to do in home safely IT GI ON. Bad give me a little traffic out there then 99 cabinet and Newburgh. Newburgh credit when you come up to the opera pill at the kind of a blind right there and and it's ice here and we've got to. Well roll over going into nuclear. You about it side looks like it company truck he probably won't have a job putting it. That's what I think is doing is set their legs iron company shark on man that's not met hunter is never want your receipt. Yeah at at the pickup truck that it looked like you go to work a little as. But it broke out there between India yeah I'm you know large in the county line there's. I think their fight over whose boat size the road there's oh. Or deal I said I think DIC would be better than. I center. Actually it's exactly. I did a good job I sit out if they break up over the eyes edit now I'm not which may occur so it hasn't quite got to the pavement yet. Well I thank you for the update man be careful out there. Are so the snow comes out. People tend to have difficulty driving in the snow them. But there is a reaffirmation. In the fact that we have good people. In and around our city because people will lend a helping hand I think some of that is. Guys look for the big things right you know like. Ryan I can really step in its damsel in distress kind of time morrow in a year's big iron. I can. I can show ma roll up autumn I'm a big truck of the puzzle that is are back all right I think it's gonna be an enemy of our psychology if you've done a good deed. Today the call spurs went in would get tickets to go to the golf show which has happened and this weekend at the convention center. Did you do indeed indeed this morning what did you do. Lows on my way to work well or walk this morning and I seated ladies drive he did not occur. And where you're all like you know the fight over an area. It's still trying to drive back and look like she's on all wheels. To the audio at the end I mean there's a lot of now closed or spotty and I got her out of that we are back or her out of a white. What is she's what did she say to you when you pulled up wishy frantic wishy worried about her car I mean what does she say idiot. Not yet been accused late north of the airport all right all the airports the other way lady. Editor in our I feel I'll tell you what we're shooting a man. Kevin I don't know if you're golfer now but it's happening at the Oregon convention center and it's a whole lot of fund its golf team in the shape. Down to wait for the weather to break. The white all of this when you play normally. Or I've played it in Iraq. What that here in lake and lake yet yup Lubbock or. Great Lou it's all you can handle that's for sure what hey thank you for less and and and thanks for doing a great lead today. Or Arab.