Slap another man

Tuesday, January 16th


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So Saturday night I was out and I'll see after dark red urban and bacon. It was awesome it was packed nervous than 14115100. People may be even more I am I have no idea. Let's have a great time. Wars in line waiting to get in I heard this come by you know I love the UE eavesdrop on people right and yuck it's you never know your enemy here. And I'm not obvious about it. I just I do back. There are talking about that Harvey Weinstein media where he gets slapped right Harvey Weinstein was. One of the predator and he's a real predator that did this is an a fake predator he's a real press OK so he was having dinner at like resorts in airs on a maybe. That's where it is is allegedly there in a clinic in rehab to fix him from all of the weirdness that blues and I think he was having dinner with this therapists. At a really fancy restaurant that other way right anchors and you know. Apparently that's that's what they do and and and in Phoenix. And so was eating in there and noticed them and really was offended it's a guy walked up and slap some. Call them out called them bottom I mean things and and slapped him and I heard them talking about it so I was like went with that looks like is you know like you get busy. On all Washington and the number one glaring the enemy. Why did you slap and another dude. The glaring thing to meet with that wasn't even like of like a truce lap was like as weird backhanded thing there he he barely touched his face like if you're if you're gonna go to public. The slap aside if you're gonna go hit someone like that. Little forced into. Don't tell I can think of it words okay for guided US lab. Is it if you're going to be Dooling. Like you know has. As a carpet like a pick up your glove and you I'd just due to a duel we slapped both sides of the cheek I'll see you at sunrise and there's vitamin a slap in the end. And I don't even know that's the proper etiquette and urban and a dual. I hope I never I hope I never. Like it it's like I. A pro life from the outset I couldn't think of any other time where it might be appropriate for I got us up another day and maybe when your kids need that slapped game. Not finding of the firefighting and you know as its mock boxing right now. No no closeness is it hazard you know hit your friends NC Arlen William black iron and things I wanna you wanna mess of them yeah you Ali Michael little finger mark or they're just to show because it has you know. When you go from. Like cops and robbers or or you know whatever game you're playing you know like when you're 67 and eight years old there's there always the no you missed me. You didn't get me miss me kind of thing right so that it evolves when you a little bit older like eleven to thirteen this is peak and a guy whirled right. Slap fighting stars because now I you know you get up you know EI you know when you've tag somebody it's clear but you don't wanna get in trouble or go to principal's office aren't theirs too there's only two. Times were might be. OK for. Amanda slap another man. I cannot think of another one I really polite for me I came in is pointing to have only won the duel. You've come on we want on your own screw blow outs and Aaron how many people have been in a duel if you really stop and think about it. Two in order for it to be legit you need a third I cannot think of a third time where it would be appropriate. For man to slap another man.