Skunk in car

Monday, May 14th

Ever have the feelin you're not alone in your car? It could be a skunk.


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Air and it is up on email he said I was listening in this morning to the LOD. 3000 bees inside of a car crazy. I don't think it's his that it would happen to me I was driving to work a couple of years ago but I felt something on my ankle. There has that happened we can think there's something there and then you're like now there's not an arm a night meal look at the knives elect. He said it happened three different times on my commute in from Beaverton. I after the third line and it's a sudden down narrow look there's nothing there opt out from under the seat on the passenger side popped up a baby skunk. Us also spoke out now. Now what do you do. I don't know its worst Beazer stockman and is slowly pull over and get out of the cartridge that you don't wanna does that and golf is also and it's going to be we're territory and I. And I've been sprayed by a skunk once while I was sleeping. We will weirdest thing ever where where he gives you don't buy it urban camping in my bed in my house how did that happen because. He has. I sleep on the right side of the bed it faces the exterior walls or house. And arm our bedrooms on the first floor and the windows open it was summer it was nice yeah and for whatever reason the sky and came by and just went. Right through the screen and it just got your face. Guys are right in the face while asleep and I'm not making that up how long did that smells they wouldn't take about five days to get the completes on a house. Yeah right through I'm because you because you're going around you you have to go to work make it seem like that was fine. I don't know if I know once anything to me that has you know skunk smells weird smell and that whole tomato juice. The thing is that I think a bunch of BS but I know other people argue with me. Did decide I assume you didn't you I lost in our Washington and I just I mean I'm sure right over Cologne does just to make sure that that it was gone home or there's the gas and altar call with which would you rather would you rather have this country's in other words stay home. I just don't know whether or not I should I should've I should have exploited that was like the weirdest thing Erica time and I'm literally asleep and it was. Right as the sun was coming up and it's great my face and I'm a much. Follow them home I'll I'll I'll I'll I'll I'll add up it's a good way well all my life a little over there and McClellan. And it. A shocked it took to this day now and on over the wind is an intermittent. The Burton because we're afraid it's going.