Siri on Falcons

Friday, November 17th

Siri talks smack on the Atlanta Flacons


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Each week about this time I ask Siri a she thinks the Seahawks are gonna do against that week's opponent. Well this is not any good with the score but she is pretty good about summing up the other team so I present to use series tackles the NFL. A series what do you think about the Seahawks opponent this week. The Atlanta Falcons are the biggest choke artist since David Carradine black too soon. Last year they blew the biggest lead in Super Bowl history they were up by 25 points and still lost to Bill Belichick and the patriots and all this in the fourth quarter. Every time they have the lead and just themselves I wonder when the falcons will start to be the falcons and their quarterback is Matt Ryan even Atlanta Falcons fans can't stand Matt Ryan. They'd rather suck without him can be good with him. I bet these fans would gladly trade Bryant straight up for Tyrod Taylor and five mint condition Michael Vick jerseys. Personally I would turn to trade down and I kinda hate myself for it.