Sibling summer road trips

Monday, July 16th

I know you are but what am I?

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Other summertime family road trip rarely is it a fun event too rarely. So far this morning not a single and great memory all's greatest thing ever it's nothing but a torturous affair and quite frankly. Eight changes the dynamic. The older you get when you're young you're trying to figure that game innate you know. It's usually space shall issue is when you get older. Things begin to change ended and they gains become more sophisticated. In the the punishments. Become more severe 503733. Kgo when is our number can morning friend of the show Kim what's going on. You talk about road trips real well yeah my sister two years older and I were at first error. Is seatbelts in cars. Alito wrote should sweep into the back seat it would feature with detailed list. Drive by Paris over eighty. Indy and you know the bell mark like when you've really done a good job because you know the whole idea gone on vacation use both be happy but the ought to find time. And they hated so well like when you're at home you can't wait to where we are going. If they have to pull the car over in the side of the road and you know it's about to go down. That used to put a the year. Beer is my father had a Q just the worst he could be just cruise along one minute. Ha ha ha that's enough. Cars that's who rode. Pants down spank him and that's the thing is if you threaten to pull the car over you have to be ready to pull the car over to to actually make that trip matter we are. It is sooner than mid span the bandstand steak and I knew that was the universal on and appreciate elicited the thank you so much. Sure appreciate you saying that what is done about this summertime road trips you either are a road trip family. And you know if you have siblings you were in the backseat it was nothing short. Both on adulterated. Torture friendly show Christie what's going on. Me I'm calling because you're giving me the opportunity to talk about the how I. How do you get them back. I. Know we weren't taken higher road trip to Internet. Acute mountain. And incredible. Like we don't do every eat there really aren't that great Blair. We have nick and might aren't solid and the big G aren't. And ruby here which are. That we didn't appear. Well he I mean he I mean he me and I'm telling you what he went into how how. I would like the courtroom the other. Every time eat laying try and now it has. Any. How would I patent. My family and friends. I have a murder and you know what I eat out. Q back. I have ever kept her out it ox and. That's gonna say that's pretty good day you're able to get your brother I'm just yet he's been lucky that you you and I are brother and sister because. You know there's there's a lot of ammo inside of an outhouse they'll dig down ruby bitter. And Wear it he. Came out would cover me. And and don't get it ever get and I root out. No question oh well. Yeah I bet they cracks me up think your whole family was supporting cooking this zoo. Harry third in the he's got he's got and a pledge not. And where it would. I accept him. Glad you gave me this opportunity. Pass out of my brother passed to weigh in January sell for me to be able to attack and adding new groove right. I'm sorry you launch your brother and I'm glad though they listen into the show when you're enjoying it. And I'll let you might not great today. I. Mean a RE.