Sex addict

Monday, November 13th


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Orleans classic rock 93. And you know we live in a city that has more strip clubs per capita than any other city United States so maybe this is the I had planned to move on to good guys and clumsy news remind me tomorrow to go back because there's there's a great story of pain. Now a ridiculous pain throughout the idea so I know you'll enjoy it. But this whole thing about sex addicts in whether it's real or whether it's not. It is unbelievable. The amount of email and phone calls were getting on it and you wanted to chime in as well. Maybe I was a welcoming the query aboard the world and I was wondering about real people might have sexual addictions and I wonder if you wanted to talk. Yeah are you got a sexual addiction. I would say my wife and I both are out how so explain what went draws. From drew you to that conclusion. Well would say that at some point and then that might not be everybody in the world. I lost my virginity at twelve to an older girl. And as soon as I I felt like I came to grips with that I didn't have my cursor is go when I was sixteen and I just couldn't stay away from it. And now once they got married my wife here come to find out she had some issues. Yeah I ended up finding out somebody meeting up with someone do. At this same drive and I did in that caucus that was pretty important in life because I was just over wearing go and what are you. And come to find out she had a similar experience. So. You know I do question these these therapy sessions in regards to sexual addiction in people using them as an out. You know you can run over people and just you know go to use the excuses just go to rehab. But but I have no idea. What types of Kyra because actually. You can't wean people off of sexual addiction like you could. A drug. And then I fully agree with that I think a couple cop out I mean my wife and I we have to push the limits now because regular taxes become boring. It's it's seven times a week here it's going to. Sex club is you have to keep pushing the boundaries in order that are dissatisfied and urged. You know we're not harming anybody or doing anything like that and thank god where where paired together. The same point it's not like we continue to look at strangers and say okay let's do it I mean we kind of plan to vote. You know my place an ad or something like that but it definitely keeps getting to a point where you just have to keep going and what the new exciting. So did you feel like you know I mean recognize the terms sex clubs and I assume you guys are swingers or something like that not. All it is okay but continues our. Yeah yeah I know I I'm I'm just I'm I'm asking the question do you have concerns about health issues. Because when you bring other people into your play. It is you follow what I'm saying. I do and and I mean there is a certain level of responsibility on parents especially when you have children that it's either done safely and not done at all. And you certainly have to make sure that other people that are involved are on board without out. You know. There's never been anybody who's standing. Disrespectful. To my wife or rude to her and anyway I mean that you saw me everybody is a different build everybody the different sides. I would be considered slightly intimidating to most but I'm not sure people who might go to these places. Might might send their life and alone pro I know but we definitely are considered safer. So you and your wife sex addicts has had a negative impact in your life. I would say yeah ads at some point it does. You know. When you when you planned jumping out and you want something that happened and and it doesn't go all the way and gets frustrating too when you're trying to. You try to exit so that the next time you do it you just keep going and going and so you. Until you hit that and they and then when you hit that that it becomes something else and and I think it becomes I don't know bought looking up all the while our ability to we got way too involvement tax cut young ages. And I think that that that might. Might have had something to do it with our I I considered them oh no question about it. Unless this really fascinating well man I appreciate it gone in a thank you for listening being thank you for. Thank you for sharing your your experiences. My pleasure out of debt. Interest in. Is an eye opening for now has he he he's in agreement he said it was exactly what I said I don't buy. Sex rehab I don't see how you can rehab I understand alcohol understand drugs. Anything that is bad for you right. Not seen that being addicted to this isn't bad but sexism and a very important part. Of adulthood. And relationships though I don't see how they can wean you off of it because if they can. Then they ought to tell that to all of the other addicts. The dream keying the smoking whatever it is because he talked any alcoholic pipa they'll tell you can never have another drink that's a reality. It's not like you can have just a little bit alcohol it doesn't exist so therefore you. It if you apply those same things because it's it's an addiction in your brain. You can even have any kind of sex then how could you have a relationship. Right I mean that that's why I think it's had alone ran great question for therapists it's it's it's just a load of crap it's Hollywood crap is what it is.