Sean Thompson Raul Love never dies

Monday, May 14th

Next installment of "Phantom of The Opera" is at The Keller this week.


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Love never dies it's part of the Portland best of Broadway series is that the Keller all week keeps. It's not the next in line of Phantom of the Opera which will explain in just a moment but Sean you are in direct competition. With the phantom. How daunting is that. Other bird dog thing and we're extremely reasonable you read the article again and lack and I went up against the media. He was hanging in Cairo. Well. Well you know hey it's interesting that you bring that up because yeah I have seen the originals matter of fact into extra shrapnel. I didn't edit and I know that everybody loves Phantom of the Opera and the sets. Are freaking amazing. But you you're gonna laugh when I say this to you it was to bumper year for me ha ha ha ha. Yeah it will be record set in an opera house so epic than in others it so based around opera. It's well organized. In Coney Island on the speech in New York City unite here on the and it's in a sideshow and a circuit these sort of pre show and that the music is less I would they love opera harder and easier to get into who and the original. I can totally understand that as someone who doesn't quite get up myself. Tayshaun as a Broadway star in here and love never dies coming to Portland. What it is it that you do to get yourself into it if you don't quite understand. The the music or what's going on. Are you pay people to he could you. There are a. Love the fact that you're being honest you know and we're talking to Shawn Thompson. Who plays Raoul in love never dies it's coming to the Keller. This coming week and it some people said it's a sequel to Phantom of the Opera. One person who argue that with you is Andrew Lloyd Webber who says I vehemently this is not a sequel this is a standalone. Yet it was April and is the same characters that people don't condone from. But it got a little plot it's gonna those locations it. A lot of keep her qualities to the character acting they've become almost unrecognizable from the original. Rowell who in the original it like it night shining armor. Very typical hero of the story is aids been there or distress stroke on the murderous to. In this if you. Not the best guy he's sort of allow a bit and allow these other auto. Admit. Ever quality student with which a lot more fun and I think you can relate to what the more I think that from the kind of opera. Shawn Johnson love never dies come into the Keller. You know Portland is known for its karaoke bars if you were to come to town and you had a free night in you're gonna go out to karaoke bar. What is the song the U would sing which are go to song. A Catholic IP wandering never saw her after that I would. You know Marcy Playground sect and candy yeah that would mean by that my carrier is so. That's a funky good little rift to lead and that's that's that's well we can discount agree you don't have to push your putts. You have to paint the picture. Ultimately it there and load opposite of logos. Like the cool in the. Yet it is because you can peruse the room with very little effort as. I know your game on now line. And here that it. What John look at Ford senior guys in down next week it is love never dies is not the sequel to Phantom of the Opera it is. Story. Rolle who you play battling. Battling the phantom. Absolutely it. And I don't forget this one actually get to see you Rowell and repent and actually battle and actually throughout with each other.