Sandy Blockbuster is closing

Monday, December 4th


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I feel like a piece of mine good memory bank has been being torn away. How so torn away full grown into the garbage. To die in an untimely death. You know one alas blockbuster video stores left in the country. Is closing its insanely. Yet kinda go on adding here and don't give me all this. Crab about Matt Lexus so much better and also other stuck it may very well be better. But think about all of the memories. Of great Friday night used to be you'd put everyone in the car he'd go down a blockbuster. And then you argue. As Q what movies you're gonna get kids you know we we had a bit of an advantage because we were working at this time so we could get their right when it opened on Friday morning at 10 o'clock right. Armor blockbusters opened 10 o'clock in the morning now there would often be aligned outside of this war of people waiting to get whatever the cool new release was. Into the good data go. Now the good Dave that we together in the days that you go who's stayed in the amount of those today right because that's when the new movies came out you would go get them on Tuesday. Before the crowd was able to get him in because before by Friday especially if you got there at 5 o'clock in the evening. You're desperate you're EQ you got the leftovers and it and then their idea do you remember how awesome it was I mean it was a lot like gambling. You would get there at the counter. And you had as soon as they'd bring back the big stack right of videos and and I want to be picked. Oh no way I've been there I bracket at. Like a melee. And and the ones that had big it was a GameStop that was hooked to it right. And even games that was attached to Hollywood video. But yeah yeah yeah you're right so I'm the blockbuster had games to you yeah you know why it's tying together because in this Hollywood video missile Hollywood video blockbuster at the end. There it yet they got out right at the right time the blockbuster and this whole and to blockbusters in just a big mess demeans and in the fact say that they're still. Blockbusters in existence. In the fact that. Apportionment portion of them are in Oregon there's ten blockbuster stores have laughed yeah. There's six of them in Alaska jackets and have Wi-Fi is gonna want tyrant there's three in Oregon and one in Texas. So the one insane is closing in the other 2 were out in eastern Oregon at. I'd I believe so on you'd have to go I just it's honestly kind of made the that this it may mean is Celtic. You know bums me out is that my kids were never. Around when blockbuster was still really open. That was by the time they were born blockbusters were were dining out and I used to work a blockbuster it's that. Actually it was fun job I loved it though of movies there there was a big up sell to men because the it was like in a theater at their before candy display in the pop well that's. And so I think that he had out there man that was a ridiculous part for himself that they have the you know outsell the candy in the restocking all that candy. You might be fun now what you think about this time of from a throws you and 503733. Kgo land. I.s or phone number that's two to 466. Com. If you could go into the scene the blockbuster because they're selling off everything that they happen right as the closing the doors again. Selloff the inventory because no one was renting it right once it just was coming to the end of it but for just nostalgic sick. If you could go in there and walk out with any movie. And I think just to be fair you know put rule line keeping anything after like 2010. Has that was really you'd have like at 2010. Is kinda way. Because I was playing this game with myself this morning when it came into work on my god gonna get taken out at a place not fair taking came after 2010. I do get the godfather. Really yeah. Boots that look forward to him like the godfather. Slow moving honest it is out he's not as great on both slow movie got other two's great got Brothers three needs to just go away. The II project Dyer got the other three is terrible is that is that your video store snobbery. Coming through that you go to you know you go to a classically. The gods saw you you don't like it becomes snobbery I had is they don't like it it's yet eight yard yard your a little bit of a video snob when the way you laid yet. You have to go to the godfather I did that that's red tunic. Sorry it's not his hype is. Actually taken to mine NASA you have to go something more more top collect probably like one of the greatest Christmas movies of all time. Die hard. Die hard is a great Christmas and that's give a lot of people on considered at a Christmas movie but I I would add that add that in mind let's think about it I. That way you. This way you want it from the godfather you think of another because you don't like what do I hope this isn't well what are you would you mean I would godfathers of Borg it great on the side of the coin and pick up other too boring her in even more boring pick then the first panic not scar trees. Aren't you know what pay a decent about scarface. Not nearly as good as everybody makes it up to me it's not mean it is crap all of the big into a I recently watched. I'd be like yeah all right let's boxes so you know what he went successful blockbusters suggestions were Packard's editor take us having gobbles up the board and if there were on the board those would be obsolete it would be taken one and taken three taken to was terrible love story. I'm pretty confident. Most people are not happy with joints of the god (%expletive) I'm sorry about that selection regards while there was most boring movie ever. I went via I mean it's a the most boring it's it's an okay movie I don't believe it is great is everybody I'm not as good movies so screw you guys. Well yeah that. The event that's Matt's video store snobbery your movie would you say. I would not nick battleship. Are you kidding me I. Think it now this is why can't a 100% yeah. Rattled but really. What isn't what's her face it Rihanna on I don't eat but morrow. Odd man I don't know did that's I think it is made a video foul. Thank you though for the dog appreciated the good thing we got that phone call because a disproved your stock up battleship to battle. You kidding me. That it the but if that's that you go figure bar higher you go on and you grab any movie out of there Ballard shipped would not be your. Does anyone of the ones that the going to be throwing at people and you know. He has weapons but it is kind of it. I don't he's a word sad it's just that it's the end of a little bit of nostalgia from all of our lives man is your right about. Your kids and every and I got to experience the joy every wine fees and late charges. As much as I hated that. You look back candy was just kind of a different it was a different window of time. I do wish that they would have experienced the that you know like you said the Friday. In a Friday evening going camaraderie you running your friend Girardi yeah neighbors up there. And then Daniel study undertaken bake pizza and Obama well happens such and big. That I was like Friday it was always knocked out it was an easy thing to take care Friday night net. Now there's. Almost committee choices right I guess and I know I promise I get off my lawn but at wet when it will really hit you is when you sit down with their kids. Like Matt's going to some saying don't agree is moving little tongue do it's it's cool to goad for the moment ago. When he minutes into it and again it's boring they conduct their affairs dealers they offs I had that happen with errors few as they two with my kids there right. He you said this was funny it's not funny. Scarface was another went. Yeah outside of the bunch of bombs there's nothing really going on no guys got to understand everyone had their faces and mountains cocaine in the.