Sad after Sex

Thursday, August 9th

Turn in your Man Card

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There may be recalled today. I'm your man card if you're and a 33 and a 3% at 13. And many who feel sad. I'm sandwich. In unsatisfied. After having sex. Now we already eliminated the one scenario where OK I'll buy off on that. If you're cheater Nance will you that we deserved every cheating and you should feel at stake here you know that's that's one of those things. Now. You may be devoid of emotion. Much like myself. It's a physical act. It's an act. Pleasure I don't confuse sex and love personally and a lot of people do. I'm feeling maybe now might be one of those sensitive defense. That sees sex and love on the same plan. Well I've been married for very long time so. All right but that it doesn't. I see them as two different things. Aren't cynical date date the intertwined brilliantly. If you not play the game. If you don't I don't play the game it can be a little difficult. Good morning kgo when. Are. There. People who. Are we got back connection but it led that was the one is at the one that you are thinking it was scenario Matt word guy might feel sad end and upset notre Rihanna says that if I didn't think of that at all you didn't really out of Columbia that's a beacon of my laurels ha ha I can understand that guys do you have a little bit insecurity about about feeling sad. Seems. Hi is this in our hands specific command that aren't model where relationship like that medic and. In general it just in general god curious to hear you think. I hated men like I act. Now that I having sex with them I like being moved out of there and unfeeling and indoor could be in my bill had afterwards. And they don't feel that and that I am on the lane. At the end of the day he doesn't have the same feelings. For me as ideal and that makes them feel bad because because you're warming of relations with. Those are so you're talking about need that he's not as in love we view as your as in love with him. Correct and so even the specs don't really got an amazing our our you know need to that we want me to feel. Bad in that you filled bat and. Mikey he may feel like he's he's almost using yeah. Exactly and that doesn't make them feel good as LA prolong my feelings of wanting to be together when ultimately not now. I'll. Right well that's that's an interesting take it did not even consider which is to get this back to why I said we eyes guys. We need to have a Smart partner. Jordan appreciate it Colin thank you. And as a really interesting take his panel on the take where you were Matt let his Houston Yan thank you your very sensitive guy you you you right now very nice sensitive soft to really covered thank you knows that if colleges are really odd to be perfectly honest but. Hey don't just own people like a sensitive guy. Friend of the showed Chansi what do you have to say. Me an idea if you're mad as there are what ever afterwards you're not. No never. It's at that point. It. Well you can't go out there weren't there would blend. A blind and bed. Three below. Melancon of your married. Her didn't know what I'm I'm I'm. Anti appreciate it well. The grade and idiotic Barack. That it does. And yet to hear from one of the 33 and a third. But he thinks of clinical admit that I. Why would they why if you if that's where you live by I'd be curious to find out on judging him just don't get it are you judging the entire drive why would anyone call back into unborn judgment are not judge anyone man I don't pass judgment I'd just curious and trying to. I'm just trying to find out where this happened and you're telling people to turn in their man cards you are judge that's exactly there are rules to life mad I mean that's it yeah okay you're right I'm I'm the umpire early love on the jump. I well on it and don't really thank you card greater.