Rod Stewart Cyndi Lauper

Friday, March 9th

Rod Stewart proves why he has been around so long,by singing accapella over the phone.


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Well anyway. I'm in London and easy meal can you are there everything's cool. This is like a three way of the greatest crime better air airmen are really is so so I got asked his quest around the bad you really don't know a person into do you travel with them what did you guys find out about each other when now that you guys have been out on tour and hang out together. Well. Tolerated disillusion you went to a traveled together a lead that we rarely sees another problem. You know went into the guys on this site are trying to express a couple of numbers. She doesn't think inevitably. And he usually comes on those things are somewhat made it as far as you know listing and sitting down having a lovely conversation. We you don't have it's continuity in the well he is guy that can't finish out. This image that we have as many guys go offered dinner together you guys get up and have coffee in the morning talk about the shows what you gonna do that's interesting that doesn't work that way. Not in my kidneys kidneys very noble she traveled with the batted. I don't put my advanced bio I got I thought it hit I think I at mile to each. I think that that set good I think I I really. One and you know connect with. People but I ate you know because it is different from me I'm you know I I. Well it's been so I related. The F special and I became payment because you know when my trip became pain in the group. And I don't think Indiana camaraderie when you perform. And you're kind of like an athlete. You get out he is you are out yeah HE EL EG if only he you. Good populated well and don't let. Immediately enjoy what do you get bombed. That not before you go that you need to get in the zone to be left and as our content in the dressing room and out or. It and I have is really make allowances for. Of people around me sorry guys reminded okay. I actually actually it's really interesting to see the peek behind the veil. We're talking to Rod Stewart in Cyndi Lauper they're gonna be here in town at the sunlight supply ample theater coming up August 31. Ron how how has it changed for you I mean to get ready see an hour and a half. Did that used to be that way or in the early days with an hour and a half consumed with let's just call them collectibles. Yeah we hear hear exactly did you elect or in the community elderly you know let's play in the fight few days. And I illuminati time do you mourners indestructible we can drink it falsely couldn't do exactly you want but as the years go by. The voices like Katie any popular body if you go to the culture you know it's it's like as in he says is like an athlete. You're really took off to voice previously warmup warmed down. And I can trigger Fargo auto market changer in the two in the Charlotte and get blatantly drunk uncle used to it faces. Pulled out you know that. It's it's. You know what guys aren't into the group and we got such a wonderful position to the living cannot concede every night making people I have. You know I would we're wondering if anybody. Could it in his you know put out a word press on and I would like just leaders seem to get that. But it can't be one about songs sort of right Rocco role it played Motown song blues song. Because they don't reducing its unit together we just process. Yeah let's let's Motown song you know you don't like you know you guys would do really great job. Why can't think of the name of the Stevie Wonder song talent doesn't get it. Superstition Larry it's great so yeah you guys would be fantastic at that. That's a big shell Christina patent that could version of that but yet but at this reason to. Outage on a lull. In its own. Seeing you guys look we just made magic and we're not gonna charge you for produce in that market because I know that's where the minded and enemies in this Indy. All you have to do is do what rod did you get your private jet. He already laid claim to buy and most of Los Angeles you've just got to find another sit down and while a lot of that city that is for the plane. How Rod Stewart Cyndi Lauper thank you for your time today big fans you guys senior many many times. I'll think he's I get very much turbulent disappointed. No it was fantastic we're looking forward to see you guys some might supply ample theater on the 31 of August. Cindy rod rod Cindy I don't want to disparage anybody one does have a jet that's our stamp and I don't care. Okay backed by guys.