Rockin Santa

Friday, December 15th


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Orleans classic rock 93 he. Anyway good morning hysteria Boyd's world and Terry I'm Matt and we're trying to help act listener actually sit down a path lately show yesterday at app out of league kind of fun. To reconstruct the jolly old Fella it's a pretty interesting idea because we've had him the same way for the last. However many years you know get rid of the red coat get rid of the fur get rid of the big buckles. And turn of a little more rocket. Our Q says top three picks for rock in Santa. Sana rob Belfort. That's a very intimidating Santa met them but leather spikes and if you are bitter Judas Priest county you know that look rob Alfred has it is is very penetrating and be a bald Sana yap another pick for an Ozzie. You know Ozzie keeps going back to agree and there's something this a weird word that there's something gentle. About Ozzie Wright has pictures childlike mumbling to a child who can barely say words. And then they have on their own great conversation they understand each other. And then up our keys final pick is Eddie from iron made Nino bay character on the cover all the iron made now loans out there that's the that's. That's that's going to be a big departure. On that one Lenny says Lanny from motor head. That's a rock in Sana. What do you say. In regards it has brought down a lot of beauty. The bird and feel outlook don't look at Newark what did they order when he got a little chunky. Half. You know Latin. Vince Neil you know and I love Motley Crue are really do you even though I didn't like the final two orcas they phoned it in I'll love that band but my god. Vince Neil looks like he's eaten all of the backstage catering for the last ten years. Exactly. Hey man I appreciate Elizabeth thanks for the call eight I PG a land. I'd Gary hello Matt I need you and burial exotic I got one will be at great but it went yes lion. That there. You know Bryant sets or has I'm very cool here for a rock and roll look. He already has that whole Christmas thing on that's I had it I love that joist has its way off the chart it's unexpected. Yes and we gotta we gotta do it and it we gotta admit. Claude he got it licked young yet. She would make excellent rock and mrs. Claus you're right about that it ought who do you think we should put this in his head on. What about I've spent has had on army Charles. How. I don't understand. Which coming up balls a line with the suggestion that's on I government email this morning. Tom Petty Santa Tom Petty. Oh there you go out the. I knew people would fall for that because you know we all miss him so greatly right because marine museum earlier this year but he would be the quintessential Stoner. Sandstone horizon. Love the Tommy John don't you think you are at Mikey he'll land air or just bring yourself look yeah okay duty yeah amber. Yeah Amber's name but we share for eighty. I'll billions biker look yeah that's M yeah let's go to beard and that's definitely would would work. The Santa I need is easy top beard though man I always wondered about those things men might be kind of cool I didn't biker look at become a part of. I'll like this suggestion man we're all over the map let Nancy get kind of proves that started a boom we're talking with Ashley right there are so many different looks to Iraq to kind of refine it. Thanks again Dan appreciate the suggestion. It shortest trying to reconstruct Iraq general sand which your choice. Yeah well I'd be up. That are more. Santa Ozzy Osborne has been a very popular choice this morning and Ozzie. Cause he's one of those guys I think he might making great San although I don't know if I'd trust my kids sitting on his lap from the back at the are the wedding are these the one that would Webb has premium they pay you pay your problem. Oh yeah your you're right about that Heyman appreciate it thank you so much for listening.