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Wednesday, January 10th


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So yesterday after the show got a an email from listener tan any really addresses an elephant that's in the room about a 100% of the time you feel like rock music. He asks the questions at what point. Do rock bands become tribute dance and I'm talking big dance. Now wanna address of the right topic a right out the of the bad. When I posted last night just to see what people were think him on FaceBook. I only grabbed a picture of Leonard scattered. And this a peek behind the veil. For us the post things on our key GO when FaceBook page. We have to have bull rights to pictures. Otherwise we get sued. For all lots and lots of money. And it just happened to be a picture of Leonard scattered that was available to put up. Figured it kind of fit and that's the only reason I put it there but you're using that is commentary absolutely. Not because. I'm in alignment. Will listener dale who says people get all hung up on the tribute man label really don't get it. Skinner is never sounded better or tighter than did you right now. And the fact of the matter is Ricky was an original member of Leonard Skinner. That's the truth he laughed to another man I think you with black oak Arkansas that he went to an amateur wrong and that but then he came back. Enjoying Leonard scattered. Add the very least. That Leonard standard this is my opinion. They're legacy band. Doug band and changed for ever when the plane crashed yes. Doesn't mean that the music doesn't sound great. You have a van Zandt out in front singing if they're from the same family. Why can't they carry on carry on the legacy. I don't know if you agree with me or not you know an image the because it's a subjective thing and there's no. Right or wrong here I don't give us hung up on it as as some people do as far as the tribute damn thing they say American Garcia certain. In a band because it's just a tribute band I I I go to see the music or get write music and and it may be sung a little bit differently army you know how I'd be sung better at it might be I find interesting you know like a group like The Black Crowes. Where the two Brothers are in the black crows and they can't get along so they split up and then they form their own black crowes tribute band. One that's a really get pulled his. As a Chris Robinson's coming back the town near San rent yeah yeah and come in yet as far as the crow flies is his tribute band. And then Mac I salute the other should be banned and their boat trip to beat him to the black crows and the grimacing micro songs. It's a means is it's a bizarre world. While I mean it's sort of like a Gallagher Brothers right in now rises yeah oh I mean there was a time a place where there was no other band bigger on the planet. They go and they couldn't get along in their fist fighting and it out before they were come on stage and they would each try to sabotage each other about. All right I'm gonna go out first and and you come out about twenty minutes later Wright discount rob them of their fame in their glory. We're just talking about what what's the bar and win where is that barb when a band. Transfers over from. Being the band to potentially being attribute Dan. How are talented people like you are not gonna question if you wanna buy it. They're not original lead singer now that are elect them the music you just played David Gilmour pink well it wasn't nearly singer you wouldn't have. You know clap like money in the whole arc at the moon out how do people say Arctic it is not accurately singer not bad at makes it. Always been okay with not the original lead singer as long as the band goes on to do more things. Absolutely. Yet they've they create more unit angrily about. Then yet and if they do pay up over and over then you better keep your early and. We'll put out an email earlier and Kalin went on to do more things when they switched leads singers. Absolutely look at. And and a lot of people political argued on this look at the only thing out. Afterward a daily that they release the throughout not quite a fanatic and right there in your anon. So so let me ask you there there are a couple here right now Marty get emails about. What do bodies CDC would DC DC got to do now right and in and Brian Johnson doesn't come back. Then what are they gonna do tours with Axl Rose is he going to be a full fledged member did they go find another. Another singer I mean that this is a complicated deal locust. They survived it wants after the death of bon Scott and they were gigantic bigger than they had ever been when they got Brian Johnson. Well well despite its that'd be apparent. Axl wrote in the the boys Petit edit them. Written it and then sure they did he do in the same classic and I don't think they'll they'll. I don't think they knew it wouldn't it would turn into attribute being. We know what you make a lot of really good points appreciate the phone call thank you. Or here's the two bands. That my buddies and I got his argument about RE it was even over the weekend right. And I for the life of me I don't even understand the argument we started talking about journey and foreigner are now I need in Kelly Hansen. With the Gramm. And Gerri at. Different flavor I guess you know if they continue to put it is our mall or it really. Seemed yes a really good question. Who's going to be performing with Steely Dan. When they come to town I think it's June 4 ranked at the Mota center with The Doobie Brothers. And agree question and there's been no announcement yet. I have my sleuthing cap on. I have no confirmation on us. I'm just gonna throw it out there. And you can roar went as far as you want around what most of what you say you have no confirmation and so it must stem doesn't matter but this might matter an awful lot of people. I did it by deducting reasoning. I think there's a really good chance of Michael McDonald. May be the person that it is Tory because he vehicle stands out about it now it make a lot of sense it was part of Steely Dan in the recording sessions saying a lot of songs. Would it be cool if he was back with The Doobie Brothers and they were doing different songs now feel free to do your person nation of Michael McDonald you can't say it without. Trust trucking could do it but everybody does whenever whenever you hear Michael McDonald or somebody says that you start trying to do. Michael McDonald there's only one Michael McDonald by the way. Because no matter how hard you try you can't sound like Michael McDonald. But that would make sense wouldn't it. Yeah and I think that would exit idle lot I am not Tony it's got to happen understand it would be fantastic if it did if that was the Casey think he would view some songs and stealing and then some songs Doobie Brothers. Well it depends about what kind of dealing negotiate. And had been or eight. While commencing these songs for this amount of money and it if you want reducing the easy an opinion on the other side. I doubt that's how he operates by the the likelihood would be great rent. Not saying it's evidence at all that this isn't a take it to the bank this is it taken to the Internet. And chat with your friends about it and see if it all turns actress and now.